September 10, 2011

Great Reads of the Week

It has been a busy week with New York Fashion Week going on. Here are posts I enjoyed reading this week:

- La Dolce Vita lists her favorite bromances - real and fictional.

- Consider Me Lovely has a feature about loving your body and this week featured my friend Jamillah of Made to Travel!

- Gala Darling wrote about how to live a beautiful life... beautifully of course.

- Sammy D. Vintage breaks down how to thrift the fall trends.

What are your weekend plans? I'm getting ready for football season to kick off!


  1. It's so cool to read a blog by someone I actually met in person! Going to check out your recommended reads. Have a great night!

  2. Oooo i'll have to go check these out :)

  3. @Fashionisha- haha yes it is fun!

    @Freesia- Of course :)

    @Faye- Hope you do!


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