September 19, 2011

Best and Worst Dressed at the 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards

Last night was the 63rd Primetime Awards hosted by Jane Lynch. She did a good job making the 3 hour show be moderately entertaining. Why must award shows be SO long?! This year they also added a Glee element with the "Emmy Tones." I didn't quite get it but LOVED that boy, Zachary Levi, from Chuck was getting screen time.

Best Dressed: Kate Winslet looked stunning in a simple red gown. Well played!

Big ups to Aubrey Plaza who glammed it up. She's the girl on Parks and Recreation who is always slouching over in a hoodie.

Heather Morris looked smoking in this deep V dress. I'd say she was the best dressed "Glee" member there (although the hair looks weird in this photo).

Sofia Vergara definitely stepped it up this year in a red Vera Wang gown.

I can't believe I'm saying this. Kelly looked great and damn look at her little figure!

The cast of Charlie's Angels was there (even though the show isn't on yet), but I loved the movement of Rachel Taylor's dress.

Martha Plimpton from the show "Raising Hope" showed off her great figure in this _ dress.

Worst Dressed: Juliana Margulies. Congrats on the win but this Armani Prive dress is horrid.

I get that Zoeey Deschanel is an indie girl who doesn't want to get roles because of her looks, but girl you are gorgeous don't do this to yourself!

How could Christian Siriano do this to Heidi?! This dress definitely would have worked better if it was floor length.

I'm placing Diana Agron here because she is beautiful and I usually love what she wears, but not this. She really needed a bra.

I don't think this is Emmy or age appropriate for Gwyneth Paltrow. Should wear a separates, not together.

Who were your picks for best and worst dressed of the night?

Images via ABC News, Yahoo TV, Celebrity Gossip


  1. I totally agree with your picks. Wow to the cut of Sofia Vergara's dress and sigh Gwyneth - no to those separates!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  2. I totally agree with your picks. Kate Winslet was my absolute favorite. I was really disappointed with Gwyneth and Diana.

  3. I agree with all your picks. I loved Sofia Vergara's va va voom dress! I love Heidi Klum, but she seems kind of hit or miss. She definitely likes to take risks, which is a good thing, I s'pose. I did want to point out that the Charlie's Angels actress is Rachael Taylor, not Rebecca.

  4. i think Aubrey Plaza looks amazing--she's my best dressed pick for sure. i wouldn't even have recognized her.

    i agree with you on your other picks as well, but i think Zooey looks adorable. can't wait to watch her new show.

  5. I'm glad you ladies all agree - I don't think that has ever happened :p

    @Rebekah- Thanks for pointing out the error (guess the website lied) - will fix!

    @Oh to be a Muse- I didn't either! Well we can agree to disagree about Zooey. I'm not a fan of that much pink.


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