September 21, 2011

6 Big Forehead Icons

I get "FIVEhead" jokes quite often. I used to be very ashamed of my large forehead and would try to hide it with creative hairstyles and bangs. Thankfully, I have some famous people in my company and now I'm not afraid to show it off (i.e. wear a bun).

Christina Ricci- I've had a girl crush on her since the '90s (Casper, The Addams Family) and now the girl has a new hit TV show, Pan Am!  She has large, almond eyes that give her doll-like features.

Mena Suvari- Another '90s heart breaker, now a mom.

Christina Hendricks- We all know my girl crush on her. She has other large features... if you know what I mean. She typically hides it away with side swept buns as Joan Holloway on Mad Men.

Kate Bosworth- Usually type casted as the surfer chick, she has been glamming it up in Hollywood. She even started a new jewelry company, that I have been enjoying.

Rihanna- This girl has tried more hairstyles than anyone. I wish I was bold enough to wear some of them.

Tyra- I was hesistant to add her to the list because I'm not a fan, but the girl has rocked the big forehead on more magazine covers then the other ladies so I had to give her some props.

What body part do you get made fun of for most? Any celeb idols who rock it?


  1. Oh thank you for this! I have a five-head too, that I only notice in photos. I wear a side-part in my curly hair now to minimize it, but there are some pictures . . .

  2. HAHA YES! I have a 5 finger too! I never had bangs until well this past year (actually not due to the 5 finger). I to have gotten the 5 finger jokes but whateves we are in good company! :D

  3. lmao!!! I def have a big ass forhead and a big ass head in general!! But eff it we are still damn fab!!

  4. Big for-heads are better than tiney ones atleast if u head but something it won't crush ur eyes in insted :P One girl said I have to be honest I don't think I acherly have :) and who cares what people say big forheads are ok!

  5. this helped me a lot and not to be ashamed cause i have a five head also , and i got bullied about it until i start wearings bang but now i wear them back and nobody says anything , but i still was self confident about it until this never knew it was so many people with " five head " and seeing them confident made me more confident (:

    1. Aww I'm glad this post could do that for you :)


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