September 29, 2011

18 Guidelines For A Grown-Up Wardrobe

We all get older, it's the facts of life. When I lived in southern California, so many of the moms (even grandmas) dressed like their daughters. It was awful! I don't get why women try to fight the aging process by wearing clothes from the teen section. It doesn't help. As I'm getting older, I find myself drawn to different items I wouldn't have been 10 years ago. Like pink. I used to hate pink, be very anti-pink but now I've fallen in love with anything blush colored.

Here are some guidelines for helping you achieve a grown-up wardrobe (in my opinion):

1. No more "wife beater" tanks. The name alone is awful but as I'm getting older, I find the ribbed texture looks immature since mostly little boys wear it under shirts to keep warm. It's better NOT to buy in a plastic bag of 3, but something that is on a hanger.

2. No spaghetti straps. We gotta hold the girls up! Having a thicker strap will help conceal your bra, which brings me to point 3...

3. No visible bra straps. I've never been a fan of this look. Yes, some hipsters with their asymmetrical tank tops look cool with a side boob look but it's not cute when you are somebody's mom.

4. Dark wash jeans only. No awful trendy washes or rips. Lighter jeans are acceptable in the warmer weather, colored denim can be fun, but the most flattering jeans come in a dark wash. Every woman should have them (or multiple pairs).

5. No more pullover hoodies. I would say ALL hoodies but sometimes a fitted, zip up hoodie can be a nice layer to your fall look. Just don't let them be oversized or made of childish material (i.e. thermal, velour).

6. No oversized letters. Having "JUICY" on your butt is no longer acceptable.

7. No logos. I'm not a fan of logos. I hate seeing them printed all over a bag (or shoes). It looks tacky.

8. Invest in blazers! Blazers automatically add sophistication to a look. Make them your friend!

9. No flip flops. Taking one from Wardrobe Oxygen and definitely agreeing about no flip flops except for the beach. Invest in some great wedges or gladiators, they go with everything.

10. Invest in good undergarments. I really hate VPLs (visible pantie lines) but you don't need to wear skimpy lingerie to avoid them. Find underwear that fits you well and leaves smooth lines under your clothing. (refer back to 3)

11. Can't go wrong with red. Everyone looks good in red lipstick, find the perfect shade for you!

12. Something leopard. I think it adds a sense of fun to a woman's wardrobe and can be sexy. It doesn't have to be a full print on a dress, maybe on a pair of flats.

13. Pearls. Pearls don't have to be thought of as frumpy, there are many ways to wear them but they should be a must-have in every woman's wardrobe.

14. Less trends, more investments. Trends come and go but style is forever. Something Advanced Style and Idiosyncratic Fashionistas can tell you about. Trends are fun to play with so buy them cheap in case you don't like them or they quickly fade out. Invest in pieces that are classics and work for your body so you'll wear them for years to come. See my next point...

15. Dress your body type. So many women are envious that tall, skinny girls can pull off many of the runway looks. But what about the looks they can't? They can't fill out a dress like you can. Focus on what works for your body, rather than comparing yourself to others. They might be envious that you can pull off a look they otherwise can't.

16. It's all in the details. I find myself most attracted to staple accessories on a woman. Something she can wear everyday, like a necklace that has been passed down. Have fun with your accessories, overload, or be understated.

17. Have something special. Have something that you saved up for and spent your hard earned money on. It may sound ridiculous but when you pull it out of your closet you'll feel some since of pride and accomplishment: "I earned this." Every woman should treat herself to something special in her wardrobe that she'll love forever.

18. Break the rules! This may seem to go against everything I just listed but it doesn't. The above list is to emphasize how your wardrobe can grow-up as you do and encourages you to dress your body type. I mean break rules as in "sequins are only for night time" - I love sequins in the day time!

How has your wardrobe grown-up with you?

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  1. Killer advice!!!! I agree :)

  2. These are great tips. I have to get out of the hoodie and flip flops. I gravitate towards them when I'm feeling lazy

  3. I really think this is a phenomenal list..... I feel like printing it out and sending it to a few acquaintances.

  4. Amazing list. I need to 'mature' my style a bit so these are great tips. Definitely agree with most of them, especially 6 & 7!
    although, may have to slightly disagree with the pull over hoody one. At home, in the winter, I need those. But wouldn't wear them out.

  5. Very interesting tips! Blazers, leopard & top 3 must-haves! Thanks for sharing!

  6. FABULOUS list! I had to share it with my Facebook followers!

    It's funny you mention ribbed tanks; every spring I purchase 2 white, 2 black & 1 colorful ribbed tank from Caslon (Nordstrom). They are heavyweight, great stretch, high quality. And this year I found I hardly wore them other than around the house or to exercise. They just seem too juvenile and casual for my "adult" life!

    And I LOVE LOVE LOVE #15. Don't focus on what you can't wear, but what you can!

  7. This is sooo true! Loving the list, especially #15!! As a 36 yo curvy shorty, I like that I can fill clothing out!

  8. I LOVE this post! I totally agree with everything you said. As I age I definitely find myself gravitating toward things I used to hate and moving away from things that I used to love. They just don't work anymore.

  9. Thanks for sharing these, interesting! I agree with these. I love dark jeans, blazers, leopard pattern...and I'm trying to avoid big logos, spaghetti straps... :)


  10. very nice tips!! I agree with "work with your body" 100%
    Thanks for visiting my blog, hope to see you soon!

  11. Love it hun! Great advice :)

  12. I like your rules, but sometimes you just need to break them once in while. But you did say that!! I definitely prefer a more classy look now than I did 10 years ago and I find it lends an air of confidence and people take me more seriously too!

  13. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I just turned 24 and I find myself straying away from many things I have loved in the past- it's kinda a strange feeling, so long i've been gravitating towards whats hip- now all I want is dark denim and blazers- this post is SUPER Helpful!

  14. @ilikesunshine aw your welcome! Good luck with your style evolution :)


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