August 4, 2011

What I'm Packing For My California Weekend

I feel like I haven't been on a plane in years when it's actually been a couple of months. Tomorrow I'm flying out to California to visit my sister and my birthday twin, Jacob. He turned 3 (while I turned 26... making me feel so old!) and he's having a pirate party on Saturday. My sister said it's been in the 90s in California so I'm packing for hot temperatures.

My plane outfit consists of Ann Taylor Loft jeggings, a cotton Target t-shirt and my H&M hoodie. I always bring a sweater on the plane because it can be freezing! Also, my white Adidas sneakers to slip on and slip off at security.

Weekend attire are sun dresses and sandals. I'm packing my wedges and gladiators. 3 shoes might seem excessive but sandals don't take up much space.

The biggest hassle about packing is beauty products. I have my 1 fl oz DKNY Be Delicious perfume (thanks to my friend who reads my blog!), travel size toothpaste, eye makeup remover, Pond's makeup removing wipes (love these things!), Philosophy face wash (from my Birchbox), trusty Degree deodorant, Clean & Clear acne spot treatment, face lotion and razor.

There are definitely more things to add last minute in the morning but I won't have time to take pictures. I think I've become a pretty savvy traveler and I know I can fit all of it into my carry-on suitcase.

What do you typically pack for a weekend trip?

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  1. Yayy, California! I don't think you overdid it at ALL with the packing - I'm impressed you're getting it all in a carry on. I'm seriously an overpacker to the absolute extreme - I'm the one who usually has to pay the extra baggage costs. Whoops!
    Have an AMAZING trip! xo

  2. Ugh... I hate packing beauty products too! Have fun on your trip though!



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