August 3, 2011

One Year Older

Today is my 26th birthday and I'm not quite sure how to feel about it. I'm definitely not where I thought I'd be in life at 26 but life always takes you on an unexpected journey I guess. The job market has taken me for a ride but I'm thankful to say that I'm still doing something I love. That was always important to me. I never wanted to work at a job I hated. I'm thankful that I'm living in the city that I love. I'm healthy and have people who care about me.

Now let's eat some cake!

Image via We Heart It


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Cake sounds awesome..can I have some? =D

  2. Happy Birthday! Have an awesome day.

  3. Thank you :) I wish I could share cake with everyone!

  4. Happy Happy Birthday! Oh, to be 26 again;) Nope I'm not jealous or anything;) Suck out the marrow of life and live it up!


  5. happy b-day sweetie. dont worry about not being where u planned. as u said sometimes life takes us on a different path than the one we planned and usually its a better one! hope u had a wonderful day celebrating!

  6. Happy Birthday.

    Things don't always work as planned but happiness and health is the most important things you can have.


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