August 11, 2011

My Very Own Bob Mackie Artwork!

A little while ago, bloggers from the NYC Fashion Blogger Meetup group were invited to a special preview of Bob Mackie's art collection. He is a legend! He is one of the last handful of artists who can actually sketch designs like this including Karl Lagerfeld. He's earned 9 Emmy Awards (31 nominations) and 3 Oscar nominations. He is the only costume designer in the Television Hall of Fame. I sadly didn't have a camera so please excuse the cell phone camera pics:

The magnificent pink showgirls!

We each got to personally a select a piece! I chose this 1920s flapper looking sketch for the Broadway play "Moon Over Buffalo" starring Carol Burnett. Now where to put it...

I feel so honored to own a piece of fashion history! Check out what some of the other bloggers picked (and see better pics):
Fashion Nostalgia
Fashion Steele
Her Goody Bag
Black Shoes Diary
Taylor And Demolish

Thank you to our gracious hosts Chris from the Tiny Tie Rant and Jenelle as well as all of the Bob Mackie ladies. Are you a Bob Mackie fan?


  1. I love the sketch you picked! I always remember Bob Mackie as the designer who dressed Cher so daringly.

  2. wow! so amazing that you now own one!

  3. VERY, VERY COOL! I actually just wore a Bob Mackie (for QVC) top earlier this week.

  4. WHAT THE EFF!!! So great!! Ok, I'm joining, lol. Thanks for sharing all the awesome of this group, LOL.


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