August 11, 2011

My First JewelMint Purchase

I signed up for an online shopping site called JewelMint, which was founded by Kate Bosworth. You fill out a profile and it selects jewelry for you each month. Each piece costs $29.99 and you get free shipping. I recently purchased the Deco Bowlo Necklace sort of as a birthday gift to myself.

It comes in a mint green box (cute) that opens up like a fancy jewelry box (think Pretty Woman!). It was hard to photograph so here's the website image:

I love the stud at the bottom. It also has a magnetic clasp so it's easy to put on. It's 20" long and is a little heavy but I like it.

My only complaint is that it was a little slow. I ordered it on Monday, it didn't ship until Friday and then I received it the next Wednesday. I guess I'm spoiled by most companies shipping quickly to New York whereas they ship from LA.

Have you signed up for JewelMint? What has your experience been? Not signed up yet? Click here!


  1. I went on Jewelmint website and had so much fun picking out pieces! I have yet to decide, but you've definitely convinced me to purchase a necklace (or two)

  2. Let me know if you get something :)


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