August 2, 2011

Marketing Fail: Summer Eve's

You may have seen me recently tweet about my disgust with the recent Summer Eve's commercial I saw. Then I started seeing other feminist bloggers tweeting their disgust as well. Each time I watch it, I get more and more annoyed so I thought it's time to blog about it. Marketing always tends to be very male dominated and anti-women. I have accepted this (even though I shouldn't have to) so it takes a lot for me to write about an offensive ad. I blogged about last year's super bowl ads mostly bashing women. The general theme was your girlfriend/wife is annoying and keeps you from happiness. When it comes to beer commercials, I expect it.

However, when the brand is specifically for women and belittles women... I get offended. For those who don't know, Summer Eve's is a vaginal wash. It's not exactly a pleasant topic to talk about. They came out with this new ad campaign "Hail to the V." It basically implies that a woman is defined by her "V." Here's the commercial:

A quote from the commercial: "Men have fought for it. Even died for it. One might say it's the most powerful thing on Earth. So come on ladies, show it a little love." The "Come on ladies" is so shrill to me. First of all, douching has been found to not be healthy for you and if you shower then your V should be fine. Secondly, I am glad that you are implying history is all about one sexual organ. did a great post "Fail to the V," (I wanted that title!) where they explained that these ads don't empower women because it reduces to a single body part and turns us into sexual objects. Apparently this is not the first set of offense ads put out by Summer's Eve. They just can't seem to get it right.

As pointed out "Summer's Eve says they're hailing the V, but they're really insulting women by trying to sell us the idea that we need their products to keep our vaginas fresh, since they are the true sources of our power." I am more than just my V, Summer's Eve.

What do you think of this ad campaign?


  1. I have not seen this ad yet. I guess that is the bonus of not watching TV;) Thank you so much for posting this. It is totally disgusting that a company thinks that women are stupid enough to buy a product based on this ad:( Sad and disgusting!


  2. Oh dear god: that's a horrible ad! My face is in utter disgust! Ridiculous! P.S. Happy Birthday!

  3. Ugh! When will see ads like this for men's personal areas??

    On a completely different note, Happy Birthday!

  4. Let's not forget about that one shaver commercial where the woman walks in front of a bush and it magically trims it...

  5. Asian Vagina Hand

  6. @Julie- I guess that is a benefit!

    @Sherin- Glad you were disgusted and lmao for saying happy birthday ;)

    @Patti- We see plenty of ads for Viagra! And thank you for saying Happy Birthday as well :)

    @Erin- Literally.

    @Anonymous- Great point. At least that's for something women can actually use.

  7. It's highly lude & yes, offensive! As if women are only fought over for their V's and not their passions, beauty of their souls and entire packages. More so, what has happened to everday tv? This is not cable networks that carry BLUNT SEXUAL SCENARIOS, MESSAGES AND FOUL LANGUAGE. This is outrageous! And I admit, I am not offended easily but this is rediculous and worse, the children who watch these tacky, disgusting commercials are the first to fall into the lowlife advertising message. It is not necessary to advertise such trash on our local channels. It is asburd and advertising agencies are stooping to such low levels that only perverts and scums should apply for these positions. Wake up America! Time to put some boundaries into our local tv networks and leave the dirt for the risque HBO + guys. It will only stop if our nation complains. And by the way, when does the guy's personal lower half wash get advertised? Eww!

  8. Hail to the "ude": LUDE, CRUDE & RUDE.

  9. Perhaps the ad should suggest men find a way to use it themselves and show a little respect towards women.


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