August 31, 2011

JcPenney Sends A Terrible Message To Girls

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding JcPenney's "I'm Too Pretty to Do Homework" t-shirt recently and rightfully so. Not only as a feminist am I horrified but as a woman we should all be appalled. As The Gloss points out, the bottom half of the shirt says "my brother has to do it for me," which implies we need a man to do our work. Girls shouldn't be taught to use their looks to get by in life or rely on a man for anything.

I recently watched the amazing documentary Waiting for Superman about our failed education system here in America. There are families who are doing everything they can to get their children the best education because it is so valuable. They work 2-3 jobs to earn enough money to send them to non-public schools, they take 2 hour commutes to get to these schools and they enter their kid's into lotteries for charter schools in hopes of getting in because space is so limited. Let's not undermine the value of a great education with the message on this shirt.

We need to focus on positive affirmations for our young girls and build their confidence and self-worth. As the National Center of Education Statistics points out girls have the same science and math proficiency as boys at age 9 but it drops around age 13. Why? They don't have a positive view of the subjects. Girls don't have the mindset that they can be a scientist who cures cancer. They should because they can. We can be anything we want to be so we need to start encouraging our girls to dream big!

I'd rather wear a shirt that says "I do my homework because I want a career for myself." What are your feelings about this shirt?


  1. I know! This shirt is the pits. There's not a comparable one making boys look lame (nor should there be). Thanks for posting this!

  2. I saw an article on this and couldn't believe it! It's such a horrible message to send to young kids - particularly on using looks to make it through school and a career!

  3. *Shakes head*. Why even produce that?? It's shocking.

  4. @Patti- It's always putting girls down *sigh*

    @Jessica- Thanks for commenting :)

    @Sherin- I don't even know how it went into production. Do you have scandals like this in the UK?


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