August 10, 2011

IFB Conference In New York City September 7th!

I just purchased my early bid tickets for the IFB Conference! It was so nerve racking to attend my first IFB conference in February but this time I'll be attending with the bloggers from the NYC Fashion Blogger Meetup group so I'll be with some fabulous company. I highly recommend purchasing tickets if you want to learn how to succeed at blogging and make new friends. Here's the itinerary:

Evolution of Fashion Media
  • Gone are the days when fashion media was all about glossy magazines and red carpet photos. As mainstream media moves online, how do blogs differentiate themselves from fashion sites? This panel–an IFB Conference first–will touch on this and more.
Bloggers Tool Kit
  • Learn how to promote yourself through social media and find out which metrics work best for bloggers. Are Twitter and Facebook really all that effective? Find out here.
Is the Social Media Business broken?
  • Critics say that social media is dying ,but perhaps it’s just broken. This panel will discuss the role bloggers play in the social media landscape and what the future holds for this rapidly-changing form of media.
Balancing Act: Business & Blogging
  • Need tips on how to approach brand partnerships gracefully? We’ve got you covered. We’ll be discussing the relationship between PR/Marketing/Advertising and bloggers, as well as delving into the subject of ethical blogging practices.

Jennine from The Coveted always puts together a great event. Check out my girl Sammy Davis of Sammy Davis Vintage posing with the umbrella! Let me know if you are going - I'd love to meet in person! And if you see me there, just say hi because I'm actually really shy.


  1. I really wish I could go! Maybe next time! It looks like such a great event.

  2. I so want to be there - I want to be in NYC for anything, even a bagel with cream cheese. Pls keep us up to date on what you learn.

  3. I've always wanted to go to an IFB conference. They're holding one in London, but it clashs with LFW.


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