August 8, 2011

iFabbo's Awesome Posts of the Week

I'm a little late on this because I had no internet while I was in California this weekend but I made iFabbo's list of awesome posts last week! Cristina of Let Them Have Polish graciously hosted. For those who don’t know, iFabbo is an organization that unites fashion, beauty and style bloggers with brands. Want to join? It’s free. Apply here. What are the Awesome Posts? We find interesting iFabbo member articles and one blogger to host links to them. We then encourage our members to visit the host’s blog to show their support.

Here's the full list of Awesome Posts from iFabbo members:

1.Jenn @ Jenn Staz: “Eye Makeup Brushes 101 + Budget Friendly Tools”

2. Jessica @ I Heart Skin Care: "Mini-Me Favorite Travel Goodies"

3.Kenya @ Ruby Envy Beauty: “My Summer 2011 Fashion and Beauty Essentials” h

4. Elisheva @ Bellabusta: “The Ultimate Multitasker: 1 Striped Shirt= 4 Fab Looks”

5. Andrea @ Fox in Flats: “5 Pigtail hairstyles you can wear without being confused for
your daughter’

6. Kimberlee @ I Have a Degree in This: “How My Non-Blogger Friends Feel About

7. Cristina (Our Fabulous Host!) @ Let Them Have Polish: “My Epic LGBT Pride
Rainbow Mani”

I'm honored my post was recognized and look forward to reading the other posts!


  1. Well done looks like a great list of posts. I can't get the link to your post to work though and would be really interested to read it

  2. Thanks for pointing that out! It should be fixed now :)

  3. You always have the inside scoop. I've never heard of this site!! I will be joining!


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