August 25, 2011

How To Avoid Deodorant Stains

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I think everyone woman dreads deodorant stains. However, it is a necessity so what's a girl to do? I don't believe an actual "goes on clear" kind exists. They all turn into a white residue once applied. So here are my tips:
  • Put your garment (top/dress) on first then apply deodorant underneath to avoid ruining your garment.
  • Keep your arms in the air approximately 30 seconds after applying so that it has time to dry. This is especially helpful if you are wearing something sleeveless because it will help keep it from melting into your arm holes (gross!).
  • And if you do end up getting those white marks on your garment, wipe them off with a damp wash cloth before leaving the house.
Hope these were helpful. What other tips can you add?

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  1. Don't wear deodorant. I joke! I like the first one the best!


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