August 1, 2011

How My Non-Blogger Friends Feel About Bloggers

This weekend was my birthday party and I invited some friends I've made through blogging. I also invited my friends who don't blog. It was an interesting combination. My non-blogging friends and family don't really get blogging and get what I do. I understand that there are some misconceptions.

Some think that we get free stuff all the time from companies or always get to go to Fashion Week. They think it's a little more glamorous than it actually is. In fact, no. Blogging is A LOT of hard work and we don't get all those amazing things the minute we own a domain name. Only a select few actually make it into the tents and companies are still hesitant to work with us. It's very much like the fashion industry. It's not as glamorous as it seems on the outside.

Some have a negative idea of bloggers and think they are all self-absorbed because they take daily photos of themselves. Perhaps some are but I know for a majority of us, that is not the case. Most are typical every day girls brave enough to share their lives with the public. I try explaining how harsh the internet can be and how much I admire anyone who puts up a picture of themselves. When I worked at Lovelyish, I quickly learned how cruel the internet can be. That's why it's so important we support each other in this community. We still have a long way to go in gaining respect by the general public.

How do your non-blogger friends feel about you blogging?

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  1. i demand birthday debauchery pics!

  2. LOL, this is a great topic. I actually don't have that many real life friends who know about the blog, but the ones that do think it's really awesome and b/c of my little blog they now read more blogs. But they have no idea it is like another job I think they have this idea that it's kind of easy...which it is sooooooooo not correct.

  3. Only a few of my friends know and, like Jamillah, they seem to think it's cool. But until I started blogging I had no idea of the time commitment either!

  4. most of my friends think it's kind of weird, but also cool!

  5. @Jamillah- Aw that's good that they read more blogs!

    @Patti- haha yeah!

    @Zarna- Well your blog is awesome :)

  6. Most of my friends who dont blog think I am a certified fashion expert now that I have my own site. Its kind of hysterical, everyone comes to me for fashion advice hahaa

  7. A few of my friends regularly read my blog, while the others have their conceptions on fashion being 'useless', so don't bother with it (one friend even insulted me for it!!) It really is a lot of hard work and I hate it when people think you'll immediately get free stuff and into cool events the moment you start up.

  8. So true....we have a looooong way to go! But I am definitely in it for the long haul...good or bad :)


  9. Thank you so much for posting this:) It was just what I needed to read. It actually inspired me to write my own post regarding my hurt feelings in reaction to my family's response to my blogging.

    The support from the blogging community helped boost me up. I have made friends through blogging, and regardless if my family and friends understand blogging, the friendships mean just as much to me.



  10. I have two blogs - the one that my friends know about (general) and the one that they don't know about (nail blog). I think they'd find the nail blog very, very strange, lol.

  11. My non blogging friends don't really seem to get it or aren't very interested. My mom won't even read my newsletter if I've posted too much; she finds it overwhelming! But I love them dearly: the ones that read the occasional post. But they never get that I'd love to see their comments on the bottom of a post!!
    I suggested to my husband that he should blog because he's so knowledgable about tech stuff, and what he said to me is "No. I'm not self-important" ... ouch! lol

  12. Hey Kimberlee. Thanks for the comment - and congrats to you to for making the IFabbo awesome posts! I totally agree with what you said about bloggers being brave by the way!

  13. Awesome read, and happy belated birthday girlfriend!

    xoxo Halliekw


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