August 13, 2011

Great Reads of the Week

Here is a list of posts I enjoyed reading this week:

- For the techie bloggers, Beautifully Invisible shares her Google+ tips for bloggers. So helpful!

- La Petite Fashionista shares 5 things she didn't learn in the classroom.

- Dress With Courage always inspires me with her writing and openness. This week she talks about how numbers control our lives. Put away the scale ladies!

- IFB had a great post about the ethics of selling gifted items. This is a big debate in the blogosphere. What are your thoughts?

- Leia from Leia's Delights talks about body image issues in the fashion blogging world. It is also her birthday so say Happy Birthday!

I'm going to a DIY studding party with some bloggers from the Meetup group hosted by Candy of Taylor and Demolish. I love studs so I'm quite excited! What are your plans this weekend?

P.S. I'm trying to find a new weekend reading pic for this post. What do you think of this one? Can you recommend some others?

Image via We Heart It


  1. Thank you for sharing! And I love that picture! xx

  2. A DIY studded party sounds great! And thank you so, so much for the birthday wishes and for sharing my post :). I LOVE the image!



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