August 29, 2011

Best & Worst Dressed at the MTV Video Music Awards

For those who didn't watch the VMA's this year, Beyonce is pregnant! After her performance of "Love on Top" she rubbed her belly and the cameras shot to Jay Z who was sporting a proud papa smile. It was a great moment. Lady Gaga showed up as her alter ego "Jo Calderone." Just when I don't think she can surprise me anymore, she does. I liked her opening performance but kind of wished she changed into a lady after because she stayed in that Jo character the whole night, which was weird. There was no host this year and so the stars took it upon themselves to make several outfit changes. Here are my picks for Best and Worst Dressed:

Best Dressed: Beyonce. The lady of the night who wore an orange Lanvin Grecian gown on the red carpet and a sparkly Dolce & Gabbana suit during her performance. 

Black was very popular. Selena Gomez showed off a goth side in this Julien MacDonald mullet dress. If she expects to keep dating the Biebz, she can't look so grown up!

My girl Adele was there to show these "performers" what a real singer sounds like. I just wish she hadn't worn the black tights with the all black look. Great makeup and hair as always!

Britney actually looked classy.


Worst Dressed: Nicki Minaj. I usually love her eccentric style but this is just insane.

Deena from the Jersey Shore looked awful in this candy striped sequin number. What's going on with that blonde hair?!

Miley looked out of place.


Katy Perry who made 4 outfit changes and looked ridiculous trying to balance this Dior cube on her head.

I usually think Zoe Saldana looks gorgeous but she looked off last night. Her makeup made her look like she had heavy bags. Not your best Zoe.

Who were your picks for Best and Worst Dressed of the night?

Images via MTV


  1. We have some of the same picks: Deena for one of the worst and Selena Gomez for one of the best. I agree, seeing her and Bieber together, she looked a lot older and more mature. I liked Zoe Saldana's look although I didn't notice her makeup.

  2. Arghhh I despise jersey shore and that girl looks awful. I pretty much agree with all of your picks :)

  3. Beyonce looked stunning. I loved the Katy Perry outfit in the first picture.

  4. I'm recording the VMA's right now, so can't wait to watch them tomorrow.

    I'm surprised at how great Britney looks!! And those bad looks really are bad.

  5. I love Selena Gomez's dress but I agree, it's a little too much for her age -.-

  6. @Rebekah- She looks like Bieber's mom haha

    @Faye- haha sorry to bring up bad thoughts :p

    @Style Eyes- It was Beyonce's show!

    @Sherin- oh let me know your thoughts, it was an interesting show haha

    @Chantele- haha yeah the bad were pretty bad

    @Cati- Thanks for commenting!


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