July 3, 2011

What I'm Wearing For July 4th

No more ugly flag shirts from Old Navy for me. I think red, white and blue can be stylish and not look tacky. So for the festivities I'm wearing this ensemble:

Chambray dress - Target $24
Red belt - Target  $16
White sandals - Zappos (these are really old but still comfortable!)
Earrings - Claire's $7

I don't have pierced ears so I mostly find clip-on earrings at vintage stores or on Etsy. However, my mom told me Claire's had some so I stopped in. They had a decent selection so I picked up a few pair, including the ones pictured above. It's hard to find long chandelier type clip-ons. I thought these were elegant at $7.

How are you wearing red, white and blue this weekend?


  1. i like the earrings! and i think you are the first person i know that dont have pierced ears hon. :)

    kisses love


  2. Adobs,you are gonna look festive. Cant wait to see it on!

    Have a Happy 4th!

  3. @Katie- Thanks!

    @thisladybehaves- haha it doesn't work out for me, I always get infections so I stick with clip ons :p

    @Nicole- Aw thanks :)

  4. aww, i LOVE your 4th of july outfit! so patriotic ^_^


  5. Love your red, white & blue outfit - especially the touch of that red skinny belt! For me, I just wore a white top, a dark blue maxi skirt, and the red was just my nail polish lol.

  6. So darn cute. How did I miss that dress at Target?


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