July 22, 2011

Visual FBFF: What's In Your Bag?

Aldo's Asplin Satchel

Since all of us FBFF bloggers miss the weekly Friday posts, we decide to do some visual FBFF posts! This week A Pretty Nest suggested a "What's in your bag?" post. I've never done one and I know it's a right of passage for bloggers to post one (lol!).

The bag I've been toting around lately is this one from Aldo's. I'm obsessed with satchels and thought it was a nice summer version of black one (that I studded myself).

I carry my basic essentials: wallet, keys, MetroCard, sunglasses and business cards. I always have a pen on me!

As far as beauty related items:

- I carry so many lip items with me, I'm a bit addicted. I currently have EOS lip balm, Clinique's chubby stick, Rosebud Salve and Aquaphor.
- Compact mirror
- Clean & Clear oil absorbing sheets (come in handy during the summer!)
- Wet Ones wipes
- Hand sanitizer
- Mentos (which are disguised in the Altoids box)
- Hair brush and a bobby pin

I wonder what this says about me (lol!). Check out the other posts here.

What are essentials do you carry in your bag?

P.S. After posting I realized I didn't include my phone! But it's always in my hands anyways so it doesn't count.


  1. lol glad to see that i am not the only one lip obsessed!

  2. I'm a confessed lip balm addict myself !!! Now I carry two, but at one point I ended up with 6 in there !!! Very cute bag !

    My Blog - A Pretty Nest

  3. @silvergirl- haha it's pretty bad :)

    @Marie-Eve- Oh man I hope I can narrow it down to 2 one day :p

  4. Love how you take everything in your bag , mine is a pretty mess too with all that we might or might not need during the day.
    great blog ,great suggestion from another blogging friend who follows you.

    My latest post on the Dolls Factory
    Vintage Shopping in Como, Fendi sunglasses from the 80s Let me know what you think. Have a nice weekend.

    Let me know if you decide to follow, It would be my please to start a blogging friendship.

  5. I did the same and forgot to add my phone, but same as you it had already been taken out!!

    Love your bag, this was a fun linky!

    Sadie x

  6. Lip balm addict checking in! I love the EOS lip balm. I have one by my bed and one usually in my purse, but not for this time. Actually had to pause mid-sentence and apply some to my lips, ummm the smell of the cantaloupe.

  7. @Dolls Factory- Thanks for checking me out!

    @What Sadie Did- lmao glad I wasn't the only one :p

    @T. Drenice- hehe I keep Aquaphor by my bed

  8. Ooooooo love your bag! I looks like the perfect summer purse :)


  9. True saying that it is possible to have the right essentials in your purse without becoming a bag lady, weighed down with all sorts of unnecessary stuff. The exact things to carry in your purse are as personal as you are. Many smaller pockets will make things easier to find and help control the jumble and mess. In addition, make sure the purse contains keys for your house and car (though keys are always safer when kept in a trouser or coat pocket). Reusable Water Bottle is also essential. Either Fill it up with juice or other great hydrating liquids Thanks.
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