July 18, 2011

This Video Makes Me Fall In Love With Manhattan All Over Again

Mindrelic - Manhattan in motion from Mindrelic on Vimeo.

Over the weekend Gothamist posted this video showing time lapses of Manhattan over the period of a month or so. It was shot by Josh Owens who apparently is the "master of time lapses." He shot from 11 different hotels around the city. If you love the city, be prepared to fall in love again!


  1. This is absolutely breathtaking. I love New York to begin with, but watching this made me see it in a different light, and I've fallen in even deeper love of it. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. This is beautiful ;-) planning a visit one day... :-)

  3. I just tweeted your post. I wanted to share it; this video is beautiful... Debbie http://thriftygirlvintage.com

  4. this is so gorgeous, it perfectly captures the essence of NYC!

  5. God I love my city. It's funny how I could pin point where these streets are like a couple of the shots of the Upper Westside. Who would know that but a New Yorker. I mean of course there are the obv ones like Time Square. But this was beautiful. I truly appericated this, lots of his time must have been spent editing and speeding up the time.


  6. wow, great video. there are just so many people--so much going on--so many lights. can't wait to visit manhattan next month!

  7. @Phoebe- I know, I fell in love all over which is why I love the city :)

    @Diamonddigger- Aw I hope you get to come!

    @StyleMeBAD- Isn't it?!

    @Kimberly- hehe it's hard not to love NYC :)

    @Debbie- Thanks!

    @la petite fashionista- It really does!

    @Heather- Yeah he put a lot of love into it but it was worth it. Glad you enjoyed :)

    @Oh to Be a Muse- Aw we'll have to hang out when you visit!

  8. Hope I am not double commenting here, machine has gone bit crazy. That is an outstanding video, I had shivers down my spine. Yep has me wishing for a trip to NYC too!

  9. Beautiful video; definitely love it here even more!


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