July 27, 2011

Now We Are Shaming People For Reading...?

Recently, I got together with a friend who brought along his Kindle. I teased him "Oh, you read now?" And he said very proudly "YEAH! I'm reading 3 books right now." For his birthday I bought him a book about Led Zeppelin, his favorite band, that he only read about 20 pages of. Now that he has the Kindle he's reading 3 books at a time. If a Kindle gets him reading more books then I'm all for it. However, he also said that he gets made fun of when he walks around with it. I was shocked! Why is it so shameful to read?

I have always enjoyed reading a good book. I'm on my way to finishing my 3rd book this summer and I'm quite proud of myself. Although I prefer the real deal to a digital handheld I'm not going to frown upon someone with a Kindle. Why should anyone else?

I also enjoy giving books as gifts. I've started a tradition with my nephew of buying him a book for his birthday. This year I also got him a book light so he can read at night. My sister said he's been killing batteries by using flashlights. My parent's (well my mom) will buy him all this crap because he's the first grandchild and he should get whatever he wants. I think a book can stimulate a child's imagination better than any Mattel toy on the market.

Thankfully I've never experienced taunting when reading a book on public transit. If someone mocked me I don't know how I would react, "Oh yeah, it so shameful that I'm learning." Such a ridiculous idea!

Have you ever been mocked for reading publicly?

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  1. I'm a huge reader and never leave the house without a book (I'm on my 3rd of the summer as well). I also prefer the real thing. And a book is defintitely a great present. I got book vouchers the same year as I got clothes store vouchers, and the book vouchers were so much easier to spend.
    I think it's a different culture here. On the trains, about 60-70% of people are reading, either a book, with a kindle or a newspaper.

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  3. OMIGOSH! People do this!? I can't believe it! Reading is GREAt and can't believe your friend gets teased about it. I've always been a big bookworm, and usually read 3 books (real life, not digital sort) at the same time. Bad habit!

  4. I'm obsessed with reading! I almost always have a book with me. However, when I have a giant book in hand a lot of my friends poke fun or laugh a little. If I'm reading a book on my nook or iPad, it's the "coolest thing ever." I haven't figured out why, but the feeling of a book is definitely a hundred times better.

  5. @Sherin- Nice what are you currently reading?

    @Jamillah- I can't read more than one at a time haha that's probably why I'm so behind :p

    @Jacqueline- haha get them into it!


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