July 9, 2011

My Cynthia Rowley + Birchbox Goodies Arrived!

I'm usually pretty antsy for my Birchbox to arrive but this month I waited with even more anticipation because the boxes were going to be guest curated by none other than CYNTHIA ROWLEY!! How awesome is that? It came wrapped in a Cynthia Rowley designed sleeve.

She says "I'm super low maintenance but I do have my favorites. These are the products that I feel enhance beauty without masking it or changing it too much - it's always better to be low-key and rely on your natural good lucks!" Amen Cynthia! Let's see what's inside...

* Redken's Shine Flash 02 glistening mist (4.4 oz - $17). We got a 2.1 oz bottle and Cynthia says she uses this on her runway shows to give hair a great finish.

* Philosophy's One Step Facial Cleanser (8 oz - $20). We received a 1 fl oz bottle. I don't typically use Philosophy products but I'm anxious to try this natural cleanser.

* Nuxe's Multi-Usage Dry Oil (50 ml - $29.50). We received a .33 fl oz bottle. When I opened this my Dad said "what's that hippie smell?" It would be interesting to give this a try on my dry cuticles!

* Zoya in Pandora. YEY my first nail polish! I didn't know Zoya bottles came so small. It's a pretty nude pink color that I'm sure I'll use up right away.

* KIND's Almond & Apricot bar... which I promptly finished before writing up this post (oops!)

Overall, it was probably one of my favorite boxes because of the design and blue tissue paper - definitely up my alley!

What did you get in your box?


  1. Sounds like some good stuff! Mine is in the mail and I can't wait to see what I get!

  2. What is a Birchbox?? I have not heard of this!!

  3. @Kimberly- I think we all get the same thing this month

    @Toya- haha I just tweeted you, you should sign up!


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