July 6, 2011

A Love Letter To New York City

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Growing up as Jersey girl just across the river, I would have the opportunity to visit the city. I’d stare up at the sky scrapers and whisper to myself “I’ll live here one day.” That dream almost seemed ripped away from me when my family uprooted to California. Many have argued “Why wouldn’t you want to live in Southern California?” Yes, the weather is nice… every day. Never changes. The same... every day. For me, I like the changes of seasons, it makes me feel like the world was moving forward rather than waking up on “Ground Hog” day where every day was 72 degrees and sunny.

After 8 years of scratching and clawing, I found myself in my city. Although over 8 million people live here, it’s mine. I’ve never felt more at home than in my beloved Manhattan. Some complain about the noise, but to me that’s the pulse of the city. It’s alive! Who wants to live in a dead, silent town? Not me. When I sleep elsewhere where there are no fire trucks passing by, no couples fighting outside a bar, and no garbage truck workers having a conversation over the sound of crunching plastic throughout the night and into the early hours of the morning… I cannot sleep. When I go to the country and visit nature, I miss the concrete and smog. My lungs don’t comprehend they’re breathing healthy oxygen and crave the Chinese food and garbage aroma of New York City’s streets. 

You may say I would never want to pay such obscene amounts of money for a tiny apartment. To each their own. Everything costs more in Manhattan, true. However, the price of hearing strange accents on every corner, the price of discovering new flavors behind every doorway, the price to be able to walk and explore whenever you want, the price of being inspired by every street is immeasurable in my humble opinion. I don’t think it’s foolish to live here when the city gives you so much. I'm inspired every day.

Some say Manhattan will wear you down, but that’s only if you don’t love it right. Yes, Manhattan is the city that never sleeps but she does like her naps. When everyone runs off to the Hamptons… she takes a deep breath. August afternoons in Central Park can make anyone forget the late hours they worked prior.

I tell everyone they should come to New York, there’s no other place like it. I know I will still be saying that years from now. I may live in other cities, but I will never leave New York. It will always have my heart.


  1. Oh I feel this way too! Growing up over the bridge in Queens I totally wished and wished to live in the city and now that I do really I am still in love with it and love it more now than ever. I think the kindness is something not everyone gets to see and all things are really possible in this place. Lovely ode to Manhattan, Kimberlee.

  2. I absolutely love New York city and always enjoy travelling there! I love what you wrote and completely agree, there is no place like it!

  3. I can't imagine living anywhere else in the world. The people are great and there's so much to do.

  4. i love new york as well! hope to live there one day :)

  5. I effing agree with you! I LOVE NYC and tho I don tlive in Manhattan...yet, I cant see myself being any where else. Every day as I walk down 5th ave for work I am think to myself about how much I love this city!

  6. Very nice. My dream is to live in NYC...that's my little secret...Don't tell a soul. lol


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