July 2, 2011

July 4th Inspired Flag Nails

I like to be festive so for the July 4th weekend, I did flag nails! It was an intricate process but love how they turned out. Here's what I used:

- Zoya's "Breezy"
- China Glaze's "Hey Sailor" which I used in my strawberry nails
- white nail art brush

Step 1: Apply red nail polish color. I let mine dry overnight to make sure the tape wouldn't ruin them.

Step 2: Add tape across your nail to form a small square, which will be the flag.

Step 3: Use a Q-tip to remove the red nail polish in that square. Warning: the acetone of the nail polish remover does melt the tape so use as little as you can.

Step 4: Paint the square with the blue nail polish color allowing the tape to be your stencil.

Step 5: After the nail polish has dried, remove the tape. It's okay if it's messy, you can clean it up later.

Step 6: Take the white nail art brush to draw the stripes. I just made dots in the blue square rather than try to draw stars. Voila!

My nephew even got in on the action. My sister sent me this pic with the caption "who needs girls?" lol.

Are you showing your patriotic pride on your nails this weekend?


  1. How cute!!! That's a lot or patience. I don't think I'd be able to paint with my left hand lol. I just did a DIY project too. I DIYed American Flag shorts! :D


  2. CUTE!! I have "holiday" nails too - OPI's Russian Navy on my toes with OPI Red on my nails, but then on the tips I added some glitter (from the Alice in Wonderland collection) for my "fireworks"!

  3. Ooo, they came out great. I might be sporting some red, white and blue for all y American friends tomorrow as well.

  4. So patriotic and lovely! Have a great weekend dear!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  5. @Heather- oh very cool, I'll go check it out now!

    @Kimberly- Oh very cute!

    @Sherin- hehe thank you Brit :)

    @Lottie- Thanks!

    @Chic 'n cheap- haha I try :)

    Seriously. Love.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  7. I wore navy blue/white/green. I don't own much red as I do not like red. I was going to wear more white, but the thought of having to remove curry scared me. Green is the color of my home country's flag, so I honored America while honoring my Mother on her b-day.


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