July 13, 2011

Will Google+ Resolve The Privacy Issues?

A recent GigaOM article asked "Does privacy exist in a world of social networks and sharing?" They point out that with the rise of sharing information the concern for privacy also rises. This is definitely a debate. We often discuss it in my Digital Media Marketing classes.

"As Jeff Jarvis rightly points out, the reason for using social services is for sharing, not hiding. Twitter and Instagram are prime examples of this, where the user is forced to choose between sharing everything or limiting their sharing to a personally selected group who apply for the privilege." Great point. As much as I do tweet and share, I do keep some information to myself.

They discuss Facebook and the issue of diluting the definition of a "friend." I really disliked this in the beginning when Facebook went public. People competed to have the most Facebook "friends" but they only know or talk to a small group of those people. I only add people on Facebook that I'm actually interested in what they are doing with their lives so I have under 150 "friends." I also think Facebook is the worst with their privacy settings. They change constantly and it gets more difficult to opt out. I've become less and less active on Facebook because of it (also because of family).

"The problem is that there is currently no universal standard for privacy settings. Each social network has implemented their own interpretation as it applies to types of content shared on their platform." This is interesting. As a consumer, I enjoy sharing content across platforms. That is one of the issues of Google+ because you can't connect your other social networks. We like having that convenience. However, as we discussed in my classes, the more convenience and information consumers want they more the less privacy they'll have. I do agree with the article that there needs to be a standard that all the social networks follow. They all can't follow their own rules especially since a new one comes out every week!

What are your thoughts about privacy?


  1. I really hope their privacy issues get fixed because I love the interface. Yes, social networking is about sharing, but you should be able to choose who you share with! I keep getting creeps adding me on Google+ and I really don't apreciate that.


  2. I haven't had a chance to play around much with Google+ yet, but one thing that does stand out to me is the circles. I love that you can sort your friends into groups and choose who to share what with. I think privacy trumps convenience in this case.


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