July 1, 2011

FBFF: My Fashion Uniform

My actual Manhattan closet - it's pretty crammed!

Vahni from Grit and Glamour had a post several weeks ago in which she outlined her personal uniform or outfit formula as she dubbed it. Oh man, I hate the word "uniform" sense I had to wear one for 10 years of my life! But here we go...

Sorry I don't typically take outfit pics
1. What’s your go-to outfit formula? 
I'm a tomboy at heart so it's t-shirts and jeans for me. I try to add some statement piece of jewelry (go big or go home). I have also fallen into the New Yorker trap of wearing too much black. Above, is a "typical" outfit for me (when it was colder).

2. How did you come about this formula? 
Comfort. It's easy to mix it up. You can dress up or down jeans.

3. Do you have different formulas for different occasions in your life? 
Of course! My daytime looks are more trendy with edge whereas an evening look is sophisticated/edgy. I always need to keep some "Kim" to the look with studs or skulls, like my DIY spike bag. Above, is me at my friend's birthday party recently where I wore a sequin tunic top with black leggings and black combat boots. For jewelry, I wore one of my double finger rings (obsessed) and a necklace with actual bullets (gifted for an ex).

4. Has it morphed over the years? 
Oh gosh, yes, I'm much more stylish at 25 than I ever have been. In high school, it was black nail polish and skull chucks (I was such a rebel). I mean I still have the top/jeans formula but more sophisticated. I have always loved skulls and now I incorporate it in more chic ways rather than childish ways (like skull high tops, which I still own).

5. Which other blogger’s outfit formula would you like to swipe?
Oh that's tough! I admire the girls who wear dresses as a daytime look as I feel out of place in dresses! Sure, to go out dancing to a club but not to run some errands. I adore Gala Darling's quirkyness and originality.

What's your "fashion uniform"?

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  1. I love that sparkly top! I definitely like wearing jeans too, so easy to dress up or down.

  2. Oh yeah the black nail polish, I even rocked black lipstick w/a black lip liner (LOL). I can still get with the skull chucks, but no hi-tops makes me feel like I'm standing in a bucket! *except Jordan's*

    Nice blog!

  3. I could never do without jeans, really! Love the photo of you in the sparkly top:)

  4. True, that's the beauty of denim it may go as casual or dressed up in more ways than one. A comfort and staple item.

  5. I don't know if I have a uniform. My style is all over the place. I do love jeans and easy flats for most days though.

  6. I love this post! I've never really thought about my uniform - I guess I used to be jeans-and-tee-shirt girl, but now I'm morphing more into a skirt-and-dress girl due to my internship. And you should do more outfit pics, I love them!


  7. what a fun post! My style has def evolved over the years but i think there are some constants. Ive never been preppy, always trendy with a touch of edge. I too love skulls,studs, spikes and a great pair of jeans.


  8. @Audrey- Thanks- Ann Taylor :)

    @Kani- haha wow, aww I love me some high tops!

    @MyFavoriteThings- Thanks for stopping by!

    @Fashion Tales- Definitely :)

    @thefatandskinny- well that's good, mix it up!

    @Ashley- Aww thanks, have no one to take them for me :(

    @StyleMeBAD- haha that's why we are friends :)


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