June 6, 2011

Sole Mates: My Sibling Rivalry

Alana from The Good Girl Gone Blog asked who would want to participate an exciting shoe challenge - of course I jumped at the chance. The challenge: Submit a shoe-themed photo explaining why you are sole mates.

I submitted this photo of my sister, brother and I from a cousin's wedding. My sister and I are both wearing gold gladiator shoes (and both had on coral/orange colored dresses) showing how I've helped her fashion sense. I'm not always the most girly girl but she helps bring it out of me (hence the french tip pedicure). My brother is wearing slip on Vans that I purchased for him showing how I have also helped his style. I also have slip on Vans (they have skulls on them), which shows that I can also get in touch with my tomboy side. Him and I go to sports bars to watch football games and the Yankees. We have a great relationship despite our differences.

Read more about the Sole Mates challenge and see the other bloggers who participated.

Who are your "sole mates"?

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  1. This is a lovely post - such a fun idea! I used to habitually take photos of mine and my friends shoes when we were out and about. Need to go look them out and reminisce about shoes gone by!


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