June 8, 2011

Mani Of The Week: Going To The Beach

Zoya recently offered a free bottle of nail polish from their summer collection. (Well technically you had to pay for shipping but it was still cheaper than the $8 bottle). I snagged Breezi because I wanted to add some more nail polish to my collection. When I got the color I had an instant idea for a nail design- the beach!

I applied the gold glitter nail polish first (to be the sand), once that dried, I applied Breezi as the water. It was hard to control the brush to make perfect looking waves, but I tried. Then using my nail art pen, I made little birds on my thumbs. It was cuter in my head but I think not having a nail art pen for the waves made it kind of blah for me.

Products used:

- SEPHORA by O.P.I. "Looks Like Rain, Deer"
- Zoya's "Breezi"
- Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in black                  

What do you think?


  1. Kim you and Heatherla need to trade tips - I am in nail envy with you guys!!!!

  2. This is so cool! You are really creative, and your nails look awesome!!

  3. oOo interesting!

    xx THE CHEAP

  4. @Trishy- lmao you know that's a gay designer right? Heatherette

    @Kirstin- Aw thank you!

    @The Cheap- Thanks!

  5. I LOVE IT!!!! Totally will attempt! :D


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