June 2, 2011

Man Candy Week: No Plain Vanilla Here

I've confessed that I have a pattern of dating outside my race. What can I say? Girls like some flavor! I know the previous man candy posts have featured mostly (if not only) white guys so today I'm giving an entire post to the African-American and biracial fellahs. Enjoy!

Taye Diggs- I've had the longest crush on him. I love his style! Not many men look as fine as he does in a hat, glasses and a scarf.

Shemar Moore- Hello! He was on soap operas so he had to be sexy! He's bi-racial with French mixed in. Wonder if he can speak it? That would make him so hot.

Isaiah Mustafa a.k.a. "Old Spice Guy"- His name is pretty damn sexy. This guy never really had much of an acting career until these commercials. Boy are we happy Old Spice discovered him. Am I right ladies?

Arlen Escarpeta- I know you are probably thinking- who? He was on one of Kim's favorite shows, American Dreams (why did they cancel it?!?!). I don't think he's had much of an acting career since but Kim still adores him (someone give him a job please!). And maybe had pictures of him plastered all over her notebooks (ssh).

Romany Malco- Has anyone seen him on Weeds? SO EFFING HOT! If you haven't, you must. He's starred in a lot off beat comedies too so you know he has a sense of humor. Too bad he's engaged to the gorgeous Taryn Dakha.

Anthony Mackie- I adore him. He seems so fun in interviews. You may remember him from The Hurt Locker. He's been in a TON of movies and has quite a few coming out in the next year or two that I need to keep an eye out for.

Donald Glover- And for the guy who can tickle our funny bone, we have Donald! He is hilarious on NBC's Community. He got his start with his own comedic team on YouTube then was a writer for 30 Rock all by the age of 27. Impressive!

Anyone else you would add to the list?


  1. mmmmm shemar mooore how i love theee!!!

  2. Excellent picks! Anthony Mackie is definitely one to watch. I also like Idris Elba (a fav)!! :)

  3. Oh heeyyyy Taye Diggs. So hot. Although I'm a little disappointed he has his shirt on in that picture, haha.

  4. Anthony Mackie is soooo sexy to me. I'm fascinated by people with (front)gaps-men and women! Thanks for the 'candy'!


  5. @MissRockwell- Oh really? That's interesting! hehe


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