June 1, 2011

Man Candy Week: Nerds Are The New Hotties

It used to be that nice guys finish last but these hotties are crushing that myth. Nerds are the new cool guys that all the chicks want to hang out with, why? They can fix your computer, challenge you in a game of Scrabble or have deep, intellectual conversations. We like intelligence!

Zachary Levi- Star of the NBC show "Chuck" (which Kim loves!) is adorable. He seems like one of the nice guys in Hollywood. He recently was nominated for an Oscar singing the hit song to the Disney movie Tangled. He sings and loves comic books!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt- I fell in love with when he was kid actor on the show 3rd Rock From The Sun. Like, Shia, boy did he grow up to be a sexy mother. He's a self-proclaimed nerd who did a cover of Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" (which is awesome btw). He is also a really versatile actor.

Stephen Colbert- My father says "sarcasm is a sign of intelligence." Colbert proves exactly that theory. Like our family, you don't quite know when he's being serious or sarcastic. Adore him! He's so smart about his show and he's a sharp dresser. He also sings!

Vin Diesel- This one may surprise you. He got his start in Hollywood by directing a film that caught the eye of Steven Spielberg! He also apparently has a Dungeons & Dragons tattoo. I'll ignore that fact and just listen to his sexy voice.

Jake Gyllenhaal- Not only does he have the sexy blue eyes but apparently he's got a brain behind them! Him and his sister attended Columbia University and studied Eastern Religion. Not sure I want to have a discussion about that, but he is sure nice to look at.

John Krasinski- We all adore him as Jim on The Office but he's just as adorable as John. He graduated with honors from Brown University in Playwriting. Guess he's putting that to use. He's the All-American good guy and we hope he stays that way!

James Franco- This guy can't enough education! He's currently working on his PhD. Only James could make a pot head so loveable in the movie Pineapple Express. He can do stoner comedies are really dark roles. We can all forgive for the Oscars, right?

What nerds do you love?


  1. Ooo yea I definitely have a thing for nerds too! My fav nerd will always be Seth Cohen from The OC - Adam Brody is too cute!


  2. haha I never watched that show but he's like Penn Badgley to me, a hot guy trying to play a nerd :)

  3. I cant even believe Vin Diesel has a D&D tat. No way.

    But Joseph Levit got me hooked in inception...i remember growing up watching him too..he was so dorky.

  4. @StyleMeBAD- haha I know, I was like that's insane! Aww I love JGL :)

  5. OK, I love this post, and nerds are my forte! But my mind blanked, and I can't think of any other suggestions, so I may have to stop back later if I do think of some others.

  6. hahahha, i was totally surprised with vin diesel! lol. Gordon-Levitt, yum :), Jake Gyllenhaal, yum yum! Actually I really am in love with all the boys here minus Vin Diesel...lol, although I love the idea he has a d&d tattoo!

    Thank you very much for the Jake Gyllenhaal pic. Dreamy.


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