June 4, 2011

Man Candy Week: Making Atheism Look Sexy

I've mentioned on my blog before that I am indeed an Atheist. I think a lot of people have a misconception about Atheists. They think we are a bunch of anarchists or pot heads. If you know me, that is not me at all. If you don't, well I've never done drugs, don't drink, don't smoke and never been arrested. Pretty clean cut. There are quite a few celebrities who identify as Atheist so I thought we needed to share the man candy.

Hugh Laurie- Or "House." The accent, the eyes. He rocks that gray beard baby!

Brad Pitt- Well he's on a MAJORITY of any girl's man candy list. He's been open about not wanting to marry Angelina until it was allowed for all citizens (something I'm also for). He is just nice to look at. End of story.

George Clooney- Hello George. That's right ladies, we got 'em all!

Kevin Bacon- He has such a sense of humor about himself, I love it! Love those commercials for Google TV "whose the best actor in the world? Kevin Bacon." (lol!) He is happily married to Kyra Sedgwick, he was quoted in an article saying that Atheists have better sex. Not sure what facts he has for that but sure!

Ricky Gervais- He wasn't exactly "man candy" a couple years ago. However, he's lost some weight and is in amazing shape. I adore his humor. It's pure genius! P.S. He tweeted this photo of himself modeling the underwear Ellen gave him on her show.

Jamie Kilstein- Another comedian. You may not know him (he was on Conan people!). I think he's hilarious. Him and his wife (sorry ladies) have a podcast called Citizen Radio that I listen to daily (and you should too!). If you become a member (and you should) let them know I sent ya!

Anyone else you want to see on the list? One more day left!


  1. the funny thing is i'm currently watching Ocean's 12 so I'm getting to watch both Brad and George on TV at the same time--luv! and I just saw Kevin Bacon in the X Men movie--he was great, by the way!

  2. Ha! I had no idea you were an atheist. I think I like you so much more now!

  3. @Oh to be a muse- oh nice :)

    @StyleMeBAD- lmao why thank you :)


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