June 2, 2011

Lily Allen's Fashion Line Is A Bit Goth And A Bit Rock 'N Roll

Photos of singer Lily Allen's new fashion line have surfaced. It's called "Lucy In Disguise." You can definitely see the influence of her personal style. The model even kind of looks like her!

This reminds me of something Jessie J would wear.

Not sure about the flowers on this dress...

This swimsuit is adorable!

This pantsuit is very rock 'n roll.

Love the movement of this dress!

What do you think of the collection?

Source: Vogue.com


  1. I think the swimsuit is adorable too! Hello sailor! ;) The red pantsuit is also gorgeus! Love the flaming bold red! ♥

    Great blog by the way! :) I'm joining your followers! Hope you can pay a visit to my site too! ♥

  2. @Minna- Thanks for reading! hehe Hello Sailor indeed :)

  3. i love the leopard print one!
    it's so cute :)


  4. I really like her line! I could do w/o the flowers on the dress though. I'm lusting over that pantsuit! I want it BAD.

  5. @Shanice- Thanks for commenting! The leopard is pretty adorable ;)

    @TMHessler- haha I could do without the flower dress to. The pantsuit is so hot!

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