June 1, 2011

Is It Wrong To Use False Lashes In Makeup Ads?

Recently, there was drama about another makeup company using false lashes to sell mascara. Was anyone surprised by this? The beauty industry has been photoshopping, airbrushing and using other "false" advertising methods to sell their products. We could try to push for them not retouch photos like Make Up For Ever did.

Make Up For Ever's first ever unretouched ads are a nice idea. However, they are still wearing makeup! They can still hide flaws and get perfect lighting. So I don't know how honest of an ad it is. But I guess it's a step in the right direction.

In the end, we as humans like pretty things. Pretty images will always sell things. Would you really buy the product if we saw how the lashes really looked?


  1. I just want a mascara that ACTUALLY does what it claims to do. I understand that ads are supposed to be pretty to catch our attention, but I always get so disappointed when it looks NOTHING like the ad when applied.
    Maybe I should just stop setting myself up for disappointment and realize that they all lie?

  2. haha yeah. I don't believe the claims anymore. I go more for what the brush looks like. We could try to change the industry but I don't know how successful we'd be.

  3. I think using false lashes in a mascara ad definitely crosses the line, even though we all know it's done. We all accept the artificiality of makeup and airbrushing, but this seems like another thing entirely. It's kind of like: OK, lie to us if you must, but don't COMPLETELY insult our intelligence while doing it.

  4. They definitely are insulting our intelligence- good point!


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