June 15, 2011

I Shop In The Kid's Section, So What?

During a recent #StyleChat on Twitter hosted by Style Caster, we were discussing finding maxi dresses for petite girls. I mentioned shopping the kid's section where I've found some great pieces. Someone commented that I shouldn't shop at the kid's section. Her words were "never for the love of the woman in you." Okay, I'll bite. I asked her why she felt that way and she responded "Kids clothing are not created for the curves of a woman. Don't hinder all that is beautiful about being a woman in kids under-developed sizes. Represent for the woman in you."

I agree mostly with her. Yes, kid's clothing isn't designed for the curves of a woman. I disagree; however, that I am "hindering all that is beautiful about being woman" by wearing kid's clothes. Fact: I'm short. I've had to be creative where I shop. I go where I find clothes that fit. There aren't many petite sections in stores and when they do have them, it's a very limited selection. I mostly buy shorts, skirts, and maxi dresses in the kid's section. Jeans definitely don't fit over my big booty. Tops don't fit around my boobs. I'm not trying to squeeze into anything by shopping the kid's section. I do also shop the "adult" women's sections.

However, items that are meant to be long (like a maxi dress) might not hit the right length unless I shop in the kid's sections. Maxi dresses are flowy so even the kid's cut can fit most body types. I found a cute romper at Old Navy recently in their kid's section that actually fits me nicely and I'll be sporting this summer. Does this mean I'm "hindering" being woman? I don't think so. If anything, I'm wearing things that flatter my body rather than wearing ridiculously oversized pieces.

Do any of you shop the kid's section? What are your thoughts about this?

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  1. I would totally shop in the kid's section if I could find things that fit. I have purchased things for my daughter and niece that I wish came in my size lots of times. Plus it is cheaper!


  2. I wear a boy's size 4 in Puma athletic shoes.
    I have 3 pairs.
    And I am not ashamed.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  3. Yup, I definitely shop in the kids section. Tee's and sweatshirts in particular fit really well.

  4. Yep , if I can find something cute. Its cheaper :)

  5. @Julie- haha yeah it's not for everyone but if you can still fit, why not?

    @Bonnie- Yes, I love boy shoes!

    @Sherin- haha nice!

    @Efka- Yes, it's cheaper!

  6. Yep, my snowboarding pants are boys sized and most of my Knicks apparel are from the boys sections. All my sneakers kids :).

    It's cheaper and it fits. No shame here either.

  7. I used to hate when people suggested that I shop in the kids section. Actually, yeah, I would probably give the evil stank eye to a store associate if they suggested that still. But I don't mind secretly doing it, and I will definitely hit up the kids shoe section and have no shame! It's the same shoe but cheaper!


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