June 9, 2011

I Found The Pefect "Paper Bag" Cropped Pants!

I've been on the hunt for cropped "paper bag" waisted pants and I finally found the perfect pair. I found them on Zappos! They are Calvin Klein Petite denim linen crop pants. They were $69.50. A thin, studded belt came with them, which I love!

The fabric is super lightweight, I was able to wear them during the 95 degree day in New York City. They are short enough that I didn't have to hem them (hallelujah!). I wanted to share in case any of you were looking for a pair. They are everything I've been looking for!

Have you found the perfect pair of "paper bag" waisted pants?


  1. Hmm, these are so super adorable and look like they could be worn glammed up or casual on the weekend. GREAT find!

  2. They really do look perfect!


  3. I like these a lot! I am a huge fan of Paperbag pants, because you can dress them up or down, so they are perfect for every occasion. I got a pair of balck ones from BCBG last year that has rolled cuffs and buttons at the bottom, so they look super chic with heels for a casual, yet dressy look.

  4. I love this style of trousers but being short it can be difficult to find a pair to fit and suit me. these look great

  5. those are fantastic! i have a pair in army green that i love from urban outfitters!

  6. @Alyson- Yes, that's why I wanted a pair so badly!

    @Leia- hehe thank you :)

    @delialicious- Oh nice, yes I definitely like the functionality of them

    @Style eyes- I know me too but really recommend them for us short gals!

    @Zarna- You always find the best clothes ;)


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