June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Today is Father's Day so like I did for Mother's Day (it's only fair), I thought I'd share some family photos. Above is the only pic on my computer with me and my dad- shocking! My dad is holding my nephew Jacob so it's kind of crazy that there are three generations in one photo.

My dad with my sister and her new boy, Zachary.

My dad is to the far right and my brother is the young one

This is a recent photo that we took after my brother's graduation. My Dad graduated along with his brother and sister from Ramapo where my brother just graduated (did you follow that?). My mom thought it would be funny to get them all alumni shirts to wear.

Lounging in his pool

This is what my father does in his retirement.

Double denim!

My brother, sister and I all inherited freckles and blue eyes from my mom. However, we all seemed to inherit my dad's dry sense of humor and musical tastes. My family will call each other up to discuss the latest "South Park" episode (meanwhile my mother is horrified) or Colbert bit. My mom loves Barry Manilow and my dad likes Alice Cooper (or The Clash- above). However, we are all Bruce fans (it's a Jersey thing). R.I.P. Clarence Clemons!

We are headed to a Mets game (sorry Yankees) today because my father enjoys going to the baseball park. How are you celebrating Father's Day?


  1. What a special and nice post about your father & family dear! I love dry sense of humour, my Papá is all about dry humour, actually called my father today & laughed so much as he is a bit far from me, parents are the best sometimes, aren't they? :) Have loads of fun at the game! xxoo

  2. Your dad sounds so awesome! My brother and I inherited our dry sense of humours from our dad as well. Must be a dad thing, lol. Hop everyone's dad's have a great day.

  3. Great pics! Hope you all have a great Fathers Day!

  4. Love the double denim pic, hehe! Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there! :)


  5. how hip is your dad in the double denim? and love that you guys like the Mets. woohoo! go national league! how cute that your parents are complete opposites but get along so well. very cute.


  6. Hope you had a great day with your dad :)


  7. Such a nice post! Fathers are truly a blessing.

    Thank you so much for the sweet comment.

  8. haha glad you all enjoyed the post :) I'm not a Mets fan (I'm a Yankees fan) but they were out of town. The Mets lost terribly which I enjoyed :)


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