June 30, 2011

Guest Post: Fashion Wars- East Coast vs West Coast

*Today's guest post comes one of my former Lovelyish writers, Crystal. She lives in Los Angeles and I thought it would be interesting for her to write about the different styles in LA vs New York. Love this girl and she has great style so check her out on Chictopia

I grew up in Los Angeles, and it wasn't till a little thing called 'the internet' that's allowed me to venture out and explore other cultures. If you're ever wondering if all Americans think alike, think again. In fact, Los Angeles and New York cultures differ. We have 'California Pizza Kitchen' while New York has their traditional 'New York Pizza.'  We have our palm trees whereas New York has its... well, tall, tall buildings. This applies to our fashion sense as well - just because us  Los Angelians share the same country with New Yorkers doesn't mean we see fashion the same way.

Urban Outfitters and Zara

If you've been to both of these stores, then you'll know which store would describe which city. Urban Outfitters fits Los Angeles perfectly where cropped tops, high-waisted shorts, and simple embellished sandals/flip flops are summer staples. As for New Yorkers, they resemble the Zara persona where solid tones, classic pieces, and layers are preferred. Simply put, Los Angeles encompasses the Bohemian, carefree spirit whereas New York is geared towards timeless classic styles. Simply said, we have Nicole Richie while New York has Blake Lively.

Why the Difference? 

Depending on where we live, the environment and climate will affect the culture – and it definitely affects the way you dress. Los Angeles is near the equator so it tends to be hotter than say, New York it’s located up north. Since Los Angeles tends to be hotter throughout the year, many of the clothing you see here are more simplified and sheer. That’s why cut-outs, flashy colours, and bright floral prints are naturally found in LA-styled clothes to compensate the simple layering. As for New York, it’s colder up there, so layering is pretty much necessary. However, layering provides an opportunity to style your clothing with accessories (i.e., scarves, gloves, etc.). Since layering is pretty much optimal for New Yorkers, there is no need to pile flashy bold colours on top of the many layers! One to two essential colours are pretty much effective. I mean, can you imagine the train wreck?

Though both cities vary greatly in style (we love loose fitting sheers while New Yorkers love refined garments) that doesn’t mean one is better than the other! Think about it, a world without fashionistas like Nicole and Blake are surely a world without style. So, next time you’re ever in Los Angeles or New York, let me know how the pizzas differ and whether or not the fashion in the two cities varies!  

What differences have you spotted in East Coast vs West Coast styles?

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  1. I agree - both styles are needed! As an Angelino, I often wish we were able to wear winter clothes like New Yorkers (minus the actual cold weather, of course ;)!

  2. I have never been to New York or LA but from what you say I would definitely be an LA girl. I have never shopped in Zara but love Urban Outfitters. Funny the weather isn't that warm in the UK though


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