June 8, 2011

FTF Blog Event 6/8: Favorite Summer Trend

This month's Full Time Fabulous event asked us to take our favorite Spring/Summer trend of 2011 and include visual inspirations. My favorite summer trend is bold lips! I always enjoy new ways to express yourself. There is something so sexy about lipstick. Don't you look at a woman wearing red lipstick and think "wow, she's confident!" Or is that just me... (lol!).

I so want lipstick like that!

My ways of expression myself have evolved from: my clothes, to my hair, to my nails and now my lips. I've been weary of wearing bold lipstick in the past because I have a fat lip from when I was younger. My brother so kindly refers to it as my "half lip." But there have been so many amazing colors for Spring/Summer 2011 that I couldn't resist trying it out. Now I love it! I did a little post about my tip for wearing it- check it out!

Here I am rocking the bold red lips:

Do I scream confident? haha

What Spring/Summer trend inspires you?

All images via We Heart It


  1. You look fabulous with your bold red lips! I love the look of red lipstick but usually feel like one of the Jack-Nicholson-as-Joker's victims when I wear it. Any lipstick really. I let my glasses act as my makeup and leave it at that.

    The "bold lips" grabs are great! Guess what - I'm going to "pin" them! Hahahahaha.

  2. Aw thanks :) haha glasses are great makeup! Oh boy... hope you like "pinning" them!

  3. Love the bold lips, you look absolutely gorgeous!!

  4. Bold red lips are one of my favorite make up looks.

  5. YOU GO KIMBERLEE!!! I love the bright lips trend too...I actually adore the imagery with all the fun rainbow colored lips. So fantasy...red lips look great on you!

  6. Oooooo what a fabulous choice! I adore your post, and your red lips looks gorgeous! :D

  7. @Audrey- Aw thank you :)

    @The Citizen Rosebud- You rock it girl!

    @made-to-travel- haha thanks!

    @LaCara- Thanks for reading!

  8. Love this trend as well! I totally agree that bright lips make you look confident, and I love all the new colors out this year! Great picks!

  9. You do scream confident! You also scream beautiful and fiercely stylish. I absolutely love that you looked to make-up trends for this event, that was a brilliant idea. Bold make-up is my favorite, especially on the lips. I know a lot of people who don't like wearing lipstick, but I feel completely naked without it!

  10. bold lips is such a great trend this season. and you always pull off a great bold lip color!

  11. I always like a red pout! Nice job with being bold, dear ! -xxoo

  12. I wish I was so bold to wear this trend on my lips! Gorgeous colours!

  13. you totally look confident! not sure the hot pink or yellow would look for day-to-day but you are totally looking gorge in the red. Nice!
    alyson -- www.theaveragegirlsguide.com

  14. @Tara- Thanks, I'm building quite the collection :p

    @Casee Marie- Aw thank you so much :) I never was a fan, always a lip balm/gloss girl but I'm really digging lipstick!

    @Oh to be a Muse- Why thank you :)

    @Sanja- Go for it! I was scared but now that I've done it, I love it :)

    @Alyson- Aw thank you :) haha yeah but I just want to know how they get the color so vibrant!

  15. You look gorg with a red pout! Have you tried Cosmic Raspberry? It's a killer BRIGHT pink!

  16. That's a nice trend to pick! I love bold lip colors but unfortunately they are not for me. When I was a teenager I tried the bold pink lips and I think it was a disaster!
    I think that the red lip color suits you very much!


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