June 6, 2011

Forever 21 Sues A Fashion Blogger

Really disheartening news today. As much as bloggers have made progress in the world, there are always people trying to take them down. Case in point: Forever 21's frivolous lawsuit against a fashion blogger. Now I've already written about my reasons why I don't shop at Forever 21, but in case you needed another one. They are accusing the blog WTForever21 for "trademark infringement, copyright infringement, unfair competition and dilution." Completely ludicruous.

They are picking on the "little guy." Forever 21 is an enormously wealthy company and know that they'll win this lawsuit because no way this singular blog can afford to take them on. They are basically infringing on someone's freedom of speech. The point of a blog is to voice an opinion and be protected in doing so. In my previous post I mentioned that if you really truly support fashion then you would not shop at Forever 21. Also, if you are in favor of freedom of speech then you should not shop there. The list against them keeps getting longer so at this point, I don't know why anyone would shop there.

I really feel for this girl and know that I would not want to feel like my rights were being infringed upon, especially by some powerhouse corporation. The lawsuit really baffles me. What point are they trying to make? What do you think of this lawsuit?

Source: Jezebel


  1. I saw this on the news last week so I checked out the site. The blogger mostly talks about the bad fashion pieces (which she's right on about) but she did mention a few things she liked.

    It's crazy that her opinion is being challenged. Aren't bloggers all about open reviews? Not according to F21 I guess.

    I actually applied for a job at their corporate headquarters about a year ago. The boss was only a few years older than me and a total B! Glad I didn't get that job. Especially because they are so rotten.

  2. Well, isn't that the pot calling the kettle a copyright infringer...considering Forever 21 themselves have been caught doing just that (as your previous post mentions) and Forever 21 actually has been sued on those same grounds by designer Diane Von Furstenberg:


    And they were actually making knock-off dresses & profiting from it. Sad that they somehow feel justified here, and that they obviously don't have the business acumen to know that even bad reviews are good for the company. They must have awful legal also, to go forward with such a silly suit. Since the blogger is the defendant, I wonder if there's public assistance available out there to help her fight these asses.

  3. I have to admit that she had it coming to her and the main reason being that she is using their name. You cant expect to do this and get away with it and while she really isnt doing much harm to the powerhouse (she is actually referring people to their site if anything) she is using their name in a negative light sooo I have mixed feelings about this.

    I do however have to say her site idea is genius, Ive never heard of it till now.

    I hope they drop the case!

  4. @Leann- My friend applied there too and said it was awful. Lots of sites mock Forever 21 (they do make ridiculous thing). Why complain when you are making boat loads of money?

    @Jessica- Yeah, I remember that lawsuit and Gwen Stefani tried as well. Loved your comments- thanks for reading!

    @StyleMeBAD- Oh interesting take. I just think the case itself is silly because she's a singular blog. If she was a more powerful blog like Gawker or The Frisky MMMMAYBE I'd get it.


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