June 10, 2011

FBFF: Top 5 Summer Trends

This week's FBFF questions also relate to this month's FTF event: trends. I also wrote about 5 beauty trends I'm loving for LOVE TWENTY. Maybe I need to stop writing so many posts about trends... Well, let's get on with it!

1. Bold Lips- As I mentioned in my Full Time Fabulous post. Just like I like bright nails, I'm now into really bright lipstick.


2. LWD- Little White Dress. There is something so chic about a LWD and you can punch it up with colorful accessories.

3. Wedges- I adore wearing a nude wedge in the summer especially with some texture heels like cork. How adorable are these from Zappos?

4. Straw hats- I'm still rocking my fedora. But the big floppy hats are pretty awesome too. Michelle Williams and I are fashion twins (lol!).

5. Mannequin nails- I'm quite enjoying wear nude colors on my nails (I know, shocking). I especially like it on my toes because supposedly it elongates your legs. It looks super chic!

What are some trends that you are looking forward to this summer?

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  1. wow, so interesting about the nude manis/pedis. first I've seen of that! all about the wedges, though. have like 6 pairs collected from the past two years. :) TGIF!

  2. Love your choices!!! Do really like bold lips but only ever feel like they really look ok on me if I'm ever really tanned - and that rarely happens!! Got a straw fedora for my birthday and now I hate to be without it!! Wedges are such a great summer staple, don't you think? Great post!!

  3. So into a bold lip for the summer too! Wedges are the best, I'm so glad they are a trend with staying power!

  4. I love the white dresses for summer!

  5. I haven't found a perfect nude polish yet, but I totally feel ya! It looks so chic!

  6. Yes, loving the wedges and little white dress right along with you! My fav lwd is a bit sheer, though, so I'm mostly using it for the beach and pool. Wish I could find something fairly casual but not so sheer.

    I'll have to try the bold lip color, also. Fun ideas!

  7. @Alyson- oh wow that's a lot!

    @Emily- I don't think you have to be tan, I'm super pale and I think I pull it off :) Go for it!

    @Jenny- yes me too since I can't stop buying them :p

    @Audrey- Aren't they lovely? :)

    @Kirstin Marie- I like OPI's "Samoan Sand"

    @Amy- Hmm maybe go for more of a cotton blend dress? I definitely feel ya on the sheer part though :x

  8. I didn't know wedges were the trend... I recently bought a pair. Now I feel trendy.

  9. :) I see what you mean! I never knew about the mannequin nails! SO COOL!

    Let me know when you'll wear your pleated top from h&m!

  10. I loveeee bold lips! I finally found my YSL Le Orange lip stick! I also love the LWD but I can never keep anything white clean for long. I do have a white dress that I bought a few summers ago that I should break out!

    Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog. I'm on the hunt for the perfect round sunglasses myself but I have found some reasonable price ones on Topshops website (they are about $40 each) and Urban Outfitters have some good ones that are much cheaper. But I do love the Ray Ban ones http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/urban/catalog/productdetail.jsp?itemdescription=true&itemCount=80&startValue=1&selectedProductColor=&sortby=&id=20414074&parentid=W_ACC_SUNGLASSES&sortProperties=+subCategoryPosition,+product.marketingPriority&navCount=25&navAction=poppushpush&color=&pushId=W_ACC_SUNGLASSES&popId=WOMENS_ACCESSORIES&prepushId=&selectedProductSize=
    OR the http://www.ray-ban.com/usa/sunglasses/rb4141/601-58


  11. @Colleen- haha you are so trendy ;)

    @Kathrine- I wore it in my DIY rag curls post if you wanna look it up ;)

    @Heather- oOh love those Ray Ban ones!

  12. I love hats too! And really NEED to buy some bright/bold new lipstick now... or glosses. -xo

  13. Visiting from FBFF...
    These are great. I love that lipstick. I also bought that color and now just have to be brave enough to wear it!

  14. the first 4 trends are something i've definly embraced but manequin nails.... i dont know... they r just too freaky for my tastes.

  15. I love all of these too especially bold lips and wedge heels as they are so easy to walk in.

  16. Loving bold lips & white dresses! I been eyeing this I <3 ronson white dress at JCPenny's for awhile that I really need to get. Great picks!

  17. Bold lips ftw. Only in reds and purples though- pinks and oranges look stupid on me!

  18. Great list, I vote yay for all:) Thanks for the tip on nude nails, and for commenting on my blog!

  19. Excellent pics! I love them all..I want to try the nude nails!!

  20. I've been purchasing lots of bold colored lipsticks lately so I guess this season is the perfect time to try them out. And I wanna try the mannequin nails sooo bad but mine are long enough and I'm NOT putting on press ons!



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