June 23, 2011

FBFF: How Bloggers Have Affected My Style

Oh Blair!

Today's FBFF questions were partly fueled by a suggestion from Suz of MissVinylAhoy and partly by Katy Roses's own realization that since she started blogging she has looked at things she never would have before.

1. Since you began blogging do you notice a change in the types of things you gravitate towards while shopping? 
Definitely! Bloggers make me so aware of what's in stores. I'll see a skirt at H&M and be like "oh this blogger wore it recently" and I can kind of envision how it would work for me. 

2. Do you find, as a fashion blogger, that you dress differently from your family and friends? Do they comment on that? 
I've always been the "black sheep" of the family. They knew I was creative from the start. Now that I'm "officially" a fashion blogger, my family likes to tease me (we are a bunch of ball busters) "Oh is that the new blogger thing" etc. I have a diverse group of friends, which is why I love them. I have a friend who is very into vintage which I always want to steal her things. I have a friend who shows off her Bangladesh heritage which inspires me. 

3. What’s the weirdest fashion that you secretly like, even if you aren’t bold enough to wear it? 
Well I secretly loved turbans for awhile but after lots of encouragement from bloggers, I went for it! So now it's not so much a secret.

Would love to pull a RiRi

4. Looking at current trends – what would you like to try but need to build up the courage to do? 
I've mentioned I've always admired girls with pixie cuts. I don't think I could ever cut my hair that short. However, this hot summer weather makes me want to shave it!

A recent favorite look

5. Toot someone’s horn – what fashion blogger out there inspires you with her bold fashion choices?
Oh there's so many!!! I know that Zarna from Zarna's Runway always makes my jaw drop. She's beautiful. She rocks so many different styles. I also appreciate the fact that she comments on my blog even though she gets hundreds of comments. I also enjoy Nubia's Nonsense's quirky style. She's her own unique person (and a sweetheart!).

How have fashion bloggers affected you and your personal style?

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  1. Yesssss! Awesome post! Completely agree. Being exposed to real down to earth girls has opened my eyes and let me def envision myself in outfits more and actually go for it! :)

  2. Great post. I would love to get a short hair cut too but just can't work out up the courage.

  3. Ohhh I love Blair! That photo is great!

    I wish I could have short hair.. but its so thick it'd turn into a big puff ball!!


  4. So interesting that we both mentioned short cuts and turbans! Very good post. It's always great to get into the mind of another blogger.

  5. I've read about turbans on a couple of blogs today. Maybe it's something I could try. I like the look but for me, it's really going out on a limb.

  6. this is a great interview. i can relate to sooo much.

    zarna also makes my jaw drop :)

    enter my giveaway for a fabulous bow skirt

  7. @Shanna-Marie- Yes, great way to put it "real down to earth girls" :)

    @Style Eyes- Aww well it's not for all of us :p

    @Kenzi- haha that would be an interesting look!

    @Katrice- It is, love FBFF questions!

    @jeanofalltrades- haha that's how I felt but it really is easy and a great way to control crazy hair :)

    @simplychic- Zarna is gorgeous- such a girl crush!

  8. I think you could do a short cut. You just need to find a stylist you trust who knows about face shape and all that. It's certainly freeing when it is so short. A friend of mine just shaved part of her head and oddly enough I am loving the look. - Katy

  9. Have you been able to find a nice turban? I'm dieing for one and I regret not buying a gorgeous one I saw in Dubai while I was there in February. All I can find are the Turban style headbands.

  10. Totally know what you mean - even if I've not been to the shops for a while, I still feel like I kind of know what's there, as I see it on the blogs :) Turbans have been mentioned in a few of the FBFF posts today - making me want to try them out now :) You totally should!

  11. Ohhhhh, I love the bloggers you chose for style. Zarna is one of my faves. She DOES rock soooo many style and it looks right at home on her. LOVE!

    I want rock a little RiRi too, lol.

  12. That's awesome that you wear turbans! I've tried before but my face is really round and I just don't think they look right on me. If you're thinking about getting your hair cut you should just take the plunge! I did that two years ago-- cut like 6 inches off my hair and loved it!

  13. I agree, and I always feel that bloggers are ahead of the trends!

  14. First I have to say thanks so much for bringing my typos to my attention lol :D & don't worry, I don't hate you for it hehe. It's all fixed.

    And I absolutely agree with you. I love Turbans!!! I would love to rock one. I think they are very fashionable :D

  15. I think it's quiet amusing that our family and friends treat us like something 'special", though there is nothing special to being a bit more creative with one's outfits!
    Oh, thank you about sharing Zarna's runway! J' adore! :)

  16. Zarna always has killer style! I've been seeing so many turbans, I want one these days. I've also been thinking of doing a shorter do, but since I'm chicken I've just been wearing it up with full bangs so it almohas st the same look, lol.

  17. That Rihanna cut would be sooo awesome on you.

  18. @KT- haha I've seen the shaved head thing look pretty cool on chicks but I don't think I have thick enough hair to make it look right.

    @Amanne- I just use a scarf or piece of fabric and tie it up. I got a "turband" which is a headband that ties like a turban from Etsy!

    @Shopgirl- hehe thanks :)

    @made-to-travel- you could totally rock a RiRi ;)

    @Alex Elizabeth- I cut 10" off about two years ago to donate to "Locks of Love" but god I will never go that short again!

    @MT- They are :)

    @lifeanditsotherdrugs- Okay, good I'm glad! :)

    @Katherine- haha I have always had the funky fashion, I wonder what they'd say if they met some of the bloggers I talk to :p

    @Fashion Tales- haha GO FOR IT!!

    @Keysha- aw thanks, I hardly doubt it but thanks :)

  19. Yep, totally agree, seeing real life girls with real life figures has made such a difference in my way of dressing. Now I have two more fashion blogs to check out - yay!

  20. thank you so much for this - you are SO incredibly sweet!!!


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