June 28, 2011

Every Woman Wants To Find A Guy With Marky Mark Syndrome

I am on a 90's fix! Now when I say "every woman" I'm simply implying a LARGE majority of women so go with me here. Men are always saying how women are searching for the "perfect" guy and he doesn't exist. This is true EXCEPT he does and he's in the form of Mark Wahlberg (formerly "Marky Mark"). Hear me out!

Every woman has some fatal attraction to the "bad boy." Not that we all want the white guy trying to rap about Sunkist. But when he was Marky Mark he had a bravado about him. He was cute, he had a good body, not that women are vain. However, if a guy with his looks and charm looked at you, it's hard not to melt. We want a guy who makes us weak in our knees but who can pay the bills.

He hustled hard, maybe had to take is pants off (we aren't complaining) but he turned that rapping career into a Oscar-nominated career. Who else can say that?! You may suggest Jamie Foxx but he didn't rap in his earlier career, he was a comedian. I also still think he acts like a 20 something year old bad boy because he's not married. Yes, he has the kid but he's not tied down like Mark yet. Nothing wrong with that! It just doesn't show us he can be serious for us.

Now he's a successful businessman, father, and looks damn good in a suit. No one could have predicted the success he would achieve (especially being a white rapper). He's married to a beautiful woman and has 4 beautiful kids. I'm sure she's thinking "I'm never letting him go!" He's still got the great looks and body. The man has it all and every woman wants it.

I'm sorry to tell the men, but since Mark Wahlberg exists women will still keep searching for that perfect combination. It's all Marky Mark's fault.

Can you think of another bad boy who cleaned up his act?

P.S. I totally enjoyed browsing shirtless pics of Mark- this guy aged so well!

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  1. haha this is too funny. I love me some Marky Mark. I love 90s posts - brings me back to my childhood.

  2. Wow. You are the shallowest twit I have ever encountered. You'd never think to find a way of paying a bill yourself would you?

  3. Hahaha! Love this! Girls just seem to find bad boys so intriguing, but most of them end up being a waste of time. (Well, the ones I know anyway.) But when they actually clean up their act and settle down... How can you beat that? Lol.

  4. @Amanne- Glad you enjoyed :)

    @Anonymous- I do, thank you very much!

    @Rachel- haha you really can't!

  5. There really is something about bad boys...and that bad boy in particular!


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