June 26, 2011

Color Blocking Lips

Yesterday I attended the IFB "Blogger Closet Raid" where I browsed some fabulous blogger closets. Unfortunately, I have no money to be spending right now. But I did get to meet up with fellow bloggers, Nicole and Monroe. I decided to try color block lips!

I used Maybelline's "160- Fifth Ave Fuchsia" (a favorite) and Revlon's Moon Drops Lipstick Creme in "712- Hot Coral."

I also finally met one of my favorite people on Twitter, Sammy Davis of Sammy D Vintage! She was just as fun in person.

Would you give color block lips a try?


  1. Yessss that color was fabulous on you yesterday! Never would have thought of mixing 2 lip colors, but I never wear lipstick. Must change that!

  2. You're rocking the bright lips! The colour really suits you. I would love to try, but still need to find my perfect shade.

  3. @Ashley- Aw thank you! I wasn't a fan of lipstick until recently... you must try!

    @Sherin- haha thank you :) Well keep trying!

  4. What a cool idea!! I think I might have to try this and ummm where was my invite to this event Kimberlee?!! ;-)

  5. Wow, so jealous that you made it to the Closet Raid! I wanted to go but didn't make it :(

    star-crossed smile

  6. @StyleMeBAD- You should and I'm sorry didn't know if you could make it out!!!

    @Katie- Thanks :)

    @Nnenna- Aw well they are hoping to have one every month since people enjoyed it to so much

  7. sounds like you had fun at the event! thanks for the comment on the blog girl :) and yeah i would give those colors a try maybelline has great shades for color blocking.


  8. I completely forgot about this. How were the items that they had for sale? Any cute things?

  9. @Jennifer- Of course!

    @Toya- haha the items were good, limited sizes. I didn't have money to shop so I didn't get anything :(


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