June 5, 2011

Best & Worst Dressed at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards

Tonight was MTV's Movie Awards or as they should be called "Let's give all the awards to Twilight show." I tuned in to see how the SNL cast member, Jason Sudeikis would do as a host. I think he's comical. He did alright as a host, he definitely hit on some hot buttons (Arnold, Blake's nude photos, is he January Jone's baby daddy). However, the awards were predictable and boring. So let's move on to the fashions...

Best Dressed: Emma Watson

Emma Watson's Marchesa dress was gorgeous. Her hair, not so much. But she still gets my Best Dressed vote.

Maybe my second favorite of the night is Emma Stone in Bottega Veneta. It looks so lovely with her red hair (so glad she dyed it back!). The shoes and accessories really bring out the colors of this dress.

I thought Leighton Meester looked gorgeous in Balmain- finally! She's had some missed lately but this was young and fun. She probably wanted to wear K. Stew's dress.

Mila Kunis, who was also wearing Balmain, had a nice balance of a sequins with the black top. There were SO many sequin mini dresses at the award show, so I found her look refreshing.

Hailee Steinfeld knows how to win my heart, a suit! A Louis Vuitton suit at that.

Kristen Stewart looked amazing in this Balmain dress. I love the safety pins, but hate the hair. She never does her hair! She also changed into ugly TOMS looking flats during the show. WHY?!

Lil Mamma looked pretty hot even thought she's not very relevant.

Mixed Feelings:

Reese was awarded with some generational award at the show. She gave a really awesome speech about not having to do a reality show or take nude photos to make it in Hollywood. I felt like this look was a bit young. That Rosie Whitley actress girl also wore an animal print dress but is 10 years younger. I get she has a hot body, but she doesn't need to wear a skin tight leopard print dress. Leave that to Miley or Vanessa Hudgens.

Worst Dressed: Jessica Szohr

Jessica Szhor looks atrocious in this Alice + Olivia jumpsuit. Too much pattern. Too long. Take a note from your other Gossip Girl cast mates.

Brooklyn Decker is a beautiful girl, but why does she keep insisting on wearing such unflattering clothes? She looks like she's wearing a glittery burlap sack. This type of cut is not flattering for a top heavy girl.

Selena Gomez's dress looks like a smock was thrown over the top of it. I have no idea why but it's not cute Selena.

And her little boyfriend, Justin Bieber was a hot mess. He needs to stop with the white pants. He also debuted earrings, which is scary. I feel like he's on the road to becoming Vanilla Ice. Next up, shaved eyebrows!

Nicki Minaj let me down. It was boring for her. You can do better Nicki!

Who was your best and worst dressed of the night?

Image via Zimbio, Idolator, Radar, MSN Entertainment


  1. I only saw about 10 minutes - I need to catch up!

  2. The awards was definitely boring this year, but I definitely liked Mila's look!

  3. @WendyB- haha where was the drama?!

    @Katie- well let me spoil it for you, Twilight wins EVERYTHING!

    @Audrey- It was definitely boring. Loved Mila's look and her hair was so sleek and shiny!

  4. OMG! I totally forgot, I missed the show!!! :(

    Lol about the Biebs and the Vanilla Ice resemblance :)))))

  5. @Kathrine- haha it wasn't worth watching and I'm sure MTV will play it 700 times. The earrings were ridiculous!

  6. Emma Watson was my fav! That dress was gawgeousss!


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