June 27, 2011

5 90's Looks I Don't Want to Come Back

Their shoes look like Jeffrey Campbell

It's kind of scary to think that 90's are now "retro" (that means I'm old...). Fashion likes to recycle "retro" styles from past decades so I'm sure we have some fun 90's fashions to look forward to. I recently discussed iconic '90s looks I wanted to recreate. However, there are some looks that I think should remain in the '90s and hope I don't start seeing them pop up in H&M stores soon.

Spice Girls: Don't get me wrong... I loved them! I liked Scary Spice the best. I had their album, bought their lollipops and saw the movie. However, looking back at their fashion... it was all wrong! Posh rocked lingerie, Scary had camo, Baby wore pigtails with chunky shoes, oy vey. 

Destiny's Child "Bills, Bills, Bills": This video just made the cut being released in 1999. But oh man was it bad. They took a page out of the Spice Girls playbook with the streaky hair, wrap up heels. Just watch the video and enjoy.

The "Ashley Banks": One of my favorite shows in the 90's was Fresh Prince of Bel Air! Tatyana Ali was gorgeous as Ashley Banks. Does anyone remember the episode where she wanted to be a singer? She wrote this baggy mommy jeans with a chunk belt. It was so awful!

Boy bands: When Backstreet Boys burst onto the scene it was 1997 (crazy!). Looking back at what they wore, how did we find them attractive? The bowl hair cuts, the vests.

Aaliyah "Are You That Somebody Video": It's sad to think that this was in 1998 (RIP!). She was a beautiful girl and had a great career ahead of her. This was part of the Dr. Doolittle soundtrack. This video reminds me of all the bad fashions of the 90's. Unfortunately, I think that "sports bra" look is coming back with the Alexander Wang version for $72.


Blossom: Another favorite 90's show for me was Blossom. Her whole outfit was horrible (I know that was supposed to be her charm), I don't know I dealt with it! I really hope I don't see some of those hats come back.

What were some of your least favorite looks from nineties?


  1. I love the 90s. I'm proud to say that. It was still good artist around. Plus it bring back good memories.

  2. This is too funny haha. I just watched Spice World a few weeks ago - it was randomly on TV. I can't believe I tried to beg my mother to let me to the Ginger Spice dye job.

  3. I loved Blossom and her outfits (at the time!) Can't really see the attraction now though

  4. I agree. Everything seemed to be tight and cropped on top but baggy and shapeless on the bottom. Not a good look!

    And Scary Spice was my favorite, too, yay! Or rather, when my friends and I dressed up as Spice Girls for Halloween in '98, I was Scary Spice.

  5. Oh man, I loved Blossom hats! I had a HUGE collection... What was I thinking?!

    My Leather Jacket

  6. @downtownchicagobarbie- There were some good things to come out of the 90s!

    @Amanne- Oh gosh- Glad your mother stopped you!

    @Style Eyes- haha I loved her at the time but looking back I'm like "What were WE thinking?!"

    @Rebekah- haha you dressed up as Scary Spice? Nice!

    @Abbe- haha who knows...

  7. Currently cringing about the 90's. The whole decade was full of wrongs; both fashion and music!

  8. haha! this post made me laugh. Definitely no more Blossom hats. those were terrible I think even in the 90s!

  9. Cute post. So funny! I'm old enough to remember all of this. All these looks will probably be back, hopefully not soon, but didn't wear them then so def not anytime soon. My favorite 90's look was the Clueless look, anything from 5-7-9, the 70's hippie look.....i'll stop lol

  10. ahha I loved this! I loved all these shows/singers etc. and feel you on the terrible fashion that hopefully doesn't makes it's way full circle. It was good while it lasted.

    xo L.

  11. @Sherin- haha there was some good stuff!

    @Tiffany- I'm glad :) haha I don't think so either...

    @Shanna-Marie- haha Clueless! Don't think I could pull off any those looks :p

    @Leah- haha yeah :)

  12. love this post
    90's were bad, but not as bad as the 80's!!!
    can't wait to see what we will be saying about the 2010's ha ha


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