May 15, 2011

Would You Have Dinner With Strangers?

I recently registered for a site,, where you can sign up for pre-fixe dinners with strangers (or you can invite a friend). I dined at a kosher restaurant on the Upper East Side, Eighteen with 7 other people. It ended up being a great meal and good conversation. I wrote a post about the experience for NearSay. Hope you check it out.

I also wanted to pass the question onto you... would you have dinner with strangers?

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  1. Sounds like A LOT of fun! There's a TV show here where 4/5 strangers cook for each other. It's actually one of the funniest shows around, lol.

  2. Wow that's such a great idea!!


  3. I love this!!!! LOVE! Going to check them out right his instant.

  4. That's a cool idea--I think it would be fun to eat with people I don't know. I'd do it for sure!

  5. I'm will do this. I'm actually going to look up this website today.

  6. @Sherin- haha oh really? What show?

    @Sanja- Thanks for following!

    @made-to-travel- hehe maybe we can go!

    @Shea- Awesome :)

    @downtownchicagobarbie- Let me know what ya think!

  7. OMG this sounds so awesome! If you want a buddy you know who to ask :D

  8. Wow...that actually sounds like an interesting thing to do.


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