May 21, 2011

Theater Review: The Motherf**ker With The Hat

I heard good things about this play. My parents are in town this weekend so we decided to see it. It was a packed house! The Playbill book didn't give us much information, it just said it was set in present day New York. There was no intermission and it was about an half and a half.

It stars Bobby Cannavale who plays Jackie, a former addict and convinct. You may remember him as Will's cop boyfriend on Will & Grace. He lost a lot of weight since his time on that show, I don't know if it was to play the role of an addict but it definitely made him convincing. Elizabeth Rodriguez is his foul mouth addict girlfriend, Veronica, who has been dating Jackie since the 8th grade. Chris Rock plays Ralph, his sponsor. Veronica and Jackie have Puerto Rican heritage so they are very passionate lovers. The motherf**ker in the hat is the antagonist and happens to be a man Veronica was cheating with.

It all takes place in different people's apartments. The set design was amazing. Of course, I like any back drop to New York City. Couches flipped in the middle of the floor, kitchens rotated on the right of the stage.

There are many themes to the play: addiction, love, putting your life together. It doesn't have the beginning, middle and end. You are introduced to these people in the middle of their turmoil and it ends with you having to decide how it ends. What I took away was that sometimes two people may be in love but that doesn't necessarily mean it's the right time in their lives to be together. 

Great play, really recommend it. As if the title didn't give it a way, there is a lot of cursing so be warned!

What great plays have you seen recently?

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  1. OMIGOSH!! I LOVE Bobby Cannavale!!! Have you seen the "Station Agent"?! It is sooooo good and hilarious and touching and he's amazing in it!

    I think I'm going to have to see this!!! My aunt gifts me a Broadway show every year for b'day...I still haven't picked one out-this looks great and I love Chris Rock and Cannavale!!!

    BILLY ELIOT- LOOOOOVE Billy Elliot...a play that is so joyful and since it's on dance I found it much more highly choreographed: great tap and ballet numbers.

  2. this play sounds really funny and intriguing. funny that chris rock is in it. i haven't seen any plays in a while, but i do enjoy them! thanks for the review.

  3. @made-to-travel- haha no I haven't, think it's on my Netflix queue though :)

    @Oh to be a Muse- It's funny and sad. I know and you see him in his underwear :p


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