May 9, 2011

The Perfect Combo: Bow Ties + Tattoos

David Beckham all day, every day

I definitely want to feature more men's fashion on my blog. So why not feature one of my favorite combinations? Bow ties and tattoos. I think it's a sexy contradiction of preppy and punk. Case in point:

Guy from

Hair stylist featured on

Another model

Image via Flickr
How cute is he? via Flickr

Even rappers get in on the action...

Rapper Kid Cudi

And I conclude with the sexy Chuck Bass (a.k.a. Ed Westwick). No one pulls off a bow tie like Mr. Bass and we all know Ed is hiding some tattoos under there.

Case closed.


  1. I can't help it, the first guy looks like Pinocchio ;) I agree though...preppy + punk = perfection!

  2. YO! MEEEEE TOOOO...Tattoos and bowties mmm, swoon. swoon swoon.

  3. There's something about a man with a sleeve tattoos :-)

  4. @Leeann- haha he does... don't like his socks but otherwise pretty hot

    @made-to-travel- haha yessss

    @Delmy- Thanks for checking out my blog :) Yes, yum!

  5. I am so guilty of loving a man with some tats. And a man with tats and a suit = yummayyyy! David B. is just too fine for words.

    p.s I am so jealous Delmy came to visit your site. I love her!!

  6. haha aww I'm sure she'll visit yours :)

  7. Maybe show him this post and he'll change his mind ;)


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