May 29, 2011

My Strawberry Nails

I got this idea from Sherin of Hi Fashion. I saw her post and had to try it! I thought no better time for strawberry nails than Memorial Day Weekend.

For anyone who wants to recreate this look, just a note: In her post, the artist made jagged lines so rather than just painting a straight green line I figured I'd get a nail art pen. I purchased Milani's nail art "brush" which fooled me into thinking it was a pen but it was just one of those thin tip brushes. I made it work. I also applied the China Glaze nude color first because I'm super anal and didn't want any of my white nail tip to show behind the green. That was just my preference.

Products used:
- China Glaze's "Sunset Sail" (one thin layer first)
- China Glaze's "Hey Sailor" (applied after using French tip tracing stickers)
- Color Club's Nail Art brush in White
- Milani's Nail Art brush in Green Sketch

I think it looks better on longer nails so it came out better on my right hand (even though I'm right handed) for some reason. But I like it!

 Would you give this manicure a try?


  1. You did a great job on it. I definitely don't have a steady enough hand to try it myself! But I loved the look, so I really want to try it out.

  2. super freaking cute!!! Do mine plz!

  3. These nails are sooo adorable- I would totally give this a try! :)

    star-crossed smile

  4. This is so adorable, I adore this idea, can definitely see this as a trend for summer!

    Thanks for stopping by the AV blog!


  5. Glad you ladies like it :) haha I feel like I can do my own nails and not other peoples :/


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