May 3, 2011

My H&M Shopping Haul

I went to H&M today on a mission to find some high-waisted trousers. I found them there before but not in my size so I've been meaning to go back, of course they weren't there. But I did pick up some other goodies! Girl can't help herself...

This neon pink strapless dress was $19.95 and has a real nice tribal looking print. I might wear it for my brother's graduation.

I've been looking for colored jeans and for $24.95 these pink ones were worth a shot. They have an acid wash finish.

When I spotted this envelope clutch I had to have it! For $17.95 it's quite amazing. Don't you love the tassel?

This turquoise tiered necklace was $12.95 and is a bold statement. The turquoise ring (pictured above) $5.95 is also quite the statement!

Total: $48.54 (with store credit applied). Not too shabby, right?

What have you purchased from H&M recently?


  1. Not to shabby at all... I just bought a crap load of stuff but I haven't put it up as a haul yet. I went about two weeks ago and purchased about 14 items for $145.00. Everything I bought was off the clearance rack but two items.

  2. Great purchases... I love when you can walk out of a store with multiple outfits for less than $50.

  3. I'm SUCH an H&M fan. I stock up on all my basics there especially - and their professional clothing is actually beautiful and surprisingly chic and flattering! :)

  4. You so should be on The Look For Less. I love all your new goodies! (and am jealous you can pull off pink jeans!)

  5. i love the jeans and the necklace and think they would look fab together
    sadly no H&M near me.
    last time i was in one was back in July on a visit to Seattle
    scored some great things though.

  6. i almost purchased the turqoise statement necklace but in the end told myself not to in order to save money for japan. but it was very tempting 4 sure.

  7. awesome finds... i wish i shopped more. but i just hate it!

  8. @dailyrunway- I know, right?!

    @Allison- Yes it is :)

    @Silvergirl- OMG how do you live without an H&M near you hehe

    @Faboulista- Yes, saving for Japan is more important ;)

    @Mo Diva- haha yeah H&M is the only store I can browse otherwise I'm in and out!

  9. I love everything you bought, especially that necklace! I've been dreaming of cute colored pants lately but haven't found a pair I love yet. Those pink ones are great!

  10. I returned those jeans and found some really great ones at Zara! I highly recommend checking them out :)


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