May 23, 2011

My Gap "Let It Go" Haul

Now until Sunday, May 29th - Gap is offering 30% if you donate clothes. I always have a bag for the Goodwill! Here's what I got:

I purchased two shorts: one with a great print and the other has a great 80s look with the pleated front. I'm not sure I can pull them off but they were comfortable. I also got a neon yellow belt (the picture doesn't show you how shocking it is- love it!).

Total discount: $35.24 - not bad!

Now I just need the weather to warm up so I can wear shorts! Are you going to take advantage of this event?


  1. This is a cool idea!! I want to donate! I like those denim shorts..mega cute.

  2. Love the patterned shorts, they look fab. This is a pretty cool idea, great discount you got!

  3. love the printed shorts and you can't go wrong with cut offs!

    XO Sahra


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